MARUV fully bared Breasts: the fans were robbed of the gift of speech

MARUV полностью обнажила грудь: у фанатов отняло дар речи

Singer MARUV boasted chiseled figure in front of fans

Ukrainian top performer MARUV published in his profile on the social network Instagram provocative pictures. In the picture the girl depicted almost naked. Fans have ambivalent reaction to such a candid photograph of the actress.

In his profile in Instagram, the singer MARUV decided to pay attention to the upcoming release of his new song and video Frank the. On pictures MARUV fully bared Breasts, remaining only in the lower part of the underwear.

“Body Art for my new video for the song IWantYou. Soon a new song and video on all the Internet” – signed photo artist.

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Publication of MARUV (@maruvofficial)

New photo by Anna Korsun (the real name of the singer) caused a real stir.

  • Wow!
  • Wow…
  • Magic.
  • Great app.. I can’t wait for, waiting for a new track.
  • Simply chic.
  • Good… no words.
  • Anya babe, she definitely look good in black hair.
  • Just super hot.
  • Very beautiful, as always.

We also wrote that MARUV stuck in Russia because of the quarantine and emotionally criticized the Ukrainian Consulate, which allegedly deliberately had not provided her with the necessary assistance to return home.