MARUV robbed in Kiev: what are the things stolen from artist

Ukrainian singer MARUV that does not refuse from the tour in Russia once again became the victim of a robbery. In Kiev, the star stole a bag with money and documents.

About the incident MARUV told in instagram-storis. The actress appealed to fans with a request to provide information if someone was witness to a daring robbery, and help to return lost items.

According to the singer, the robbery occurred on the evening of January 11. MARUV left my car at Bogdana Khmelnitskogo street in Kiev. And when I got back to the car, saw that she had stolen a bag with documents and all the money. In addition, thieves stole all the gifts, which the singer bought for his family.

“Only that my car was stolen a bag with documents, all Christmas gifts, all so-called “junk”. The incident occurred an hour ago. If you saw something, or find in your yard a black bag, made of crocodile skin, please respond and write” – asked an excited MARUV.

This is not the first time the artist becomes the victim of a robbery. So, in the last days of March 2019 MARUV said that the robbers broke her Luggage at the airport and pulled out of the suitcases jewelry. The attackers thought she was carrying gold and silver, so they took all the jewelry from the bag.

A month later the incident was repeated. At the airport in MARUV of the bags brazenly pulled, branded sunglasses and earrings with Swarovski stones. The suitcase, according to the Russian gastrolery, opened a special forceps. Then the representatives of MAU apologized to the artist and explained that the Luggage of passengers on their aircraft engaged in a private firm.