“Master Chef” season 9 10 the issue: who could not stand the hellish trials of Halloween

"Мастер Шеф" 9 сезон 10 выпуск: кто из участников не выдержал адских испытаний Хэллоуина

10 issue 9 season of “Master Chef” participants were expecting a real culinary challenge. Brains, worms, and rot – which only presentations will not see the audience in the mystical night of Halloween. But cooks and fans in the terrible contests will have to hit awfully tasty recipes.

10 issue 9 season of “Master Chef” became one of the most unpredictable in the history of the project. The show had been given the task to prepare the dessert in the style of Halloween. In addition, the set visited real psychics that said a lot of interesting details about the private lives of chefs. Guests of the participants of the project were treated to the “paranormal” items. Who has not passed mystical tests, read the material LifeStyle 24.

Testing dishes for Halloween

Been evaluated by the culinary achievements of members of Hector Jimenez-Bravo and Elizaveta Glinskaya. At the same time, Vladimir, Yaroslavl missed 10 edition of the show “Master Chef” for health reasons and returned only to the battle of the aprons.

Hell the broadcast began with a presentation perfect dessert for Halloween. The dish was in the shape of brains, which could see the slime and maggots. The presentation concluded bloodied fingers and earth. And even though the dessert looked very creepy, judges willingly tried it and announced that participants will have to prepare a dish that looks awful but tastes divine. To prepare participants received 1.5 hours.

Participants were asked to recall their fears, so the presentation was more realistic. Inspired by Amateur cooks began to embody the most terrifying stories. The scene of the murder, snakes, coffins, a lot of blood from the wine sauce, bats, hooves with the ground – that only did not invent the participants of the project “Master Chief”.

The first dish was presented by Nastia and Ale. Anastasia brought the judges ‘ table snack in the form of a bat, but neither the presentation nor the poached egg was not impressed Hector. But Eleanor prepared sweet biscuit with a sour sauce. The party formed a dessert in the shape of a spider.

To hit famous chefs came out of Ruslan. His presentation was the most terrible: the chef prepared the hoof with a variety of sauces and heart. Ruslan himself has shared that the dish was inspired by the film “witch Hunt”.

At the same time, Kieu , his cooking recipe embodied the scene of the murder. It showed a fragment of the body with blood, but Elizabeth Glinsky dish seemed perfect, because the presentation didn’t look creepy.

Peter made quads, but the presentation was funny Hector. At the same time to taste him much. But Julia presented the heart of the unicorn who died from magic. The girl is most experienced before going to the judges since she hates horror movies and can’t imagine the horror stories. Elizabeth told Julia not coped with the task, because the dessert was not in the style of Halloween.

Sergey wowed the judges with a dessert coffin and Alexander – a sponge cake in shape of a snake. Artem prepared a snack for the zombies with remarkable presentation, which is like a Hector. But the dessert from Andrew was disappointed with Elizabeth, who criticized the recipe and its execution.

The food is not! she said.

Failed dish and Lilies, which has the wrong proportions for dessert coffin. However, the taste of the confection was delicious. But Ruslan coped with the task of judges, presenting the cake with a delicious cream.

The judges decided that the dishes Yulia, Nastya and Andrew were terrible, so they got their black aprons. But Ruslan luchkova called the author of the best recipe for Halloween.

“Paranormal” meals for psychics

Halloween continued challenge. The show “Master Chef” had to hit the star guests – the participants of the show “Battle of psychics.” The set came Elena Kurilova, Hayal Alekperov, Anna Hallers, ruby Cybulski, Jan Pasynkova.

The winner of the competition Ruslan Luchkov became captain of the red team. Competed for the championship with him, Ruslan, Nastya, Alexander, Eleanor, Andrew. The team was headed by Peter, who invited to cooperation Sergei, Julia, Lily, Artem and Anna (Ciau). The participants of the “Master Chef” had to cook dinner for 2 hours, given that among the guests – one a vegetarian.

During cooking, the participants tell their mystical stories of life and admitted that believe in the power of psychics.

Chefs “Master Chefs” did not take the order from special guests, and prepared the buffet tables. Psychics can choose the dishes of the two teams and told interesting details about them. In particular, Peter they called very ambitious and goal-oriented and Julia – a woman with a strong character. But Ruslana called uncertain, which has quality girls and a guy.

Elena Kurilova, Anna Galers, gave their votes to the blue team, and ruby Cybulski and Jan Pasynkova red. The final decision was taken Hayal Alekperov, who gave preference to team Peter, noting that his love with Julia helped him to make a choice. The victory was won by the blue team, which took place on the balcony and escaped the battle of the aprons.

The battle of black aprons

By results of voting of participants of the red team, the black apron was awarded to Eleanor. Therefore, for a place in the popular project “Master Chief” she will compete with Nastya, Andriy and Yulia.

For the contestants, the judges prepared a terrible ordeal. Amateur cooks have in a dark pantry to find 5 products from which to cook a dish. In addition, in the room of hidden wand that glows in the dark. And to prepare the participants have no light.

Eleanor made cream soup of crayfish and squid. Dish Hector called “liquid with a strange taste.” With products that got the Ale, it was possible to prepare a much more delicious dish. And Andrew chose for the battle cream soup with mussels, which I liked, but not impressed the judges. Julia has served liver pate with crawfish, which was not successful. And Nastia was able to conquer the known cooks French Matelote.

Show left Eleanor, a dish which was the worst. The girl tearfully said goodbye to the participants and judges and has promised to continue to explore cooking.

“Master Chef” season 9 and 10 release online: watch the video

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In 11 episode 9 season of “Master Chef” participants will receive special assignments in pairs. Amateur cooks will have to guess the dish a romantic hint on the fridge. Not does this hurt the relationship of the contestants, in particular, Peter and Julia – the audience will be able to see already 8 November.