“Master Chef” season 9 11 the issue: romantic competitions in pairs that passed the strongest

"Мастер Шеф" 9 сезон 11 выпуск: романтические конкурсы в парах, которые прошли сильнейшие

In 11 episode 9 season of “Master Chef” participants will reveal a very personal side of his life: they’ll tell you what would have diversified their intimate life. Who was a lover of latex costumes and who is a connoisseur of sex toys – read the material LifeStyle 24.

Amateur cooks will both share intimate information in the 11th edition of “Master Chef 9” but will work in pairs. One contestant will be responsible for the strategy, leaving your partner a note on the fridge, the other is to prepare a dish for tips. How to cook a culinary masterpiece one word at a time and will stand the test of Peter and Julia – read the material LifeStyle 24.

Copy wizard

Experts suggested the cooks to re-create simple recipes. The participants of the “Master Chief” was divided into 5 teams. Lily chose Alexander, Andrew, Ruslan, Julia, Peter, Anastasia – Ruslan, Sergey – miss Anna and Artem. In such pairs, the participants had to estimate the time for cooking and cope with the recipe, including the presentation.

In the first stage of the competition, many of the cooks misjudged their capabilities and disappointed of Hector Jimenez-Bravo. At the same time, Lily and Alexander just 9 minutes cooked the hash brown, which is like the judge. Therefore, the participants “Master Chief” received the first ball.

Second course was oysters with gazpacho. Assessed the dexterity of the cooks Vladimir Yaroslavskiy. The famous chef was too picky, so it came to Julia and Peter, who asked for the preparation of 17 minutes. However, it is the latter, the participants managed to impress Vladimir and got a score.

Experienced Amateur cooks Elizaveta Glinskaya. Queen of the desserts offered to make nut crumble with berries flambe and Basil. The participants of the “Master Chief” took about 20 minutes to create a dessert. But Elizabeth tried only dish yellow team – Lily and Alexandra. Crumble was flawless, so the team got another score and together with Julia and Peter went to the balcony.

But other participants were under the threat of exit from the show. Sergey, Ruslan and Andrei got the black aprons.

Strategy or activity?

The boys were opposite each other. Hector attracted participants to the game, proposing to choose one of the answers to naughty questions. The participants of the “Master Chief”, whose views coincided, and formed a couple.

To the question about the costume party only Ruslan said he was not against to try on the image of Amateur BDSM than stunned all the participants. Most chefs chose to dress as superheroes and participants of the “Master Chief”. The first couple – Julia and Peter.

Hector gave another test: he asked what the reaction would be from cooks, if on the first date the person they like, will cross the border of what is permitted. Only Sergey and Anna admitted that they will immediately quit such a partner, so it teamed.

Andrew and Lily said that instead of the fun the three of us would have chosen the alcohol and snacks. But how to diversify sex life: extreme sex toys or learning new techniques? Ruslan Shilin said that he would purchase all products from a specialized store, but did not receive support among the cooks. But Alexander and Artem have made a couple. Left Nastya and Ruslan two, which formed the last command.

But the contest is not over. Strategists had to come up with a dish that can be cooked per hour. Fish with caramelized carrots, meat with vegetable sauce, Dorado with a Bechamel sauce and garnish carpaccio of zucchini – that not only invented parties. For the contestants they leave only three words-tips.

To perform the task and guess the dish was very difficult, but many participants coped with the task. In particular, Tom guessed wrong dish Alexandra, however, has amazed experts with a delicious fish sauce. Sergei, who did not understand the hint of the partner, still cooked a delicious meat. But Peter has not coped with the task to disappoint his mistress. Ruslana also poorly cooked dish, but Lily again received praise.

A black apron in the competition was Peter.

Battle “black”

To battle black aprons came four men – Peter, Andrew, Sergey and Ruslan. So the chefs came up with a special assignment. The participants of the “Master Chef” with closed eyes should try the dish and guess all the 15 ingredients are used for cooking. The chefs had 15 minutes to study and 1.5 hours to cook.

Perlotto with beet juice and pine nuts, oysters with spinach and croutons, duck breast with easy and raspberry sauce, scallops with cauliflower and capers – such difficult dishes was given to the participants.

According to the results of the battle of “black” shows nobody is left. All the chefs did a great job with the challenge and detail recreated recepty.

“Master Chef” season 9 issue 11 online: watch the video

Video will be later

Already in the 12th edition of “Master Chef” on the set coming professionals. Teams will panic, make mistakes, shout and try to eat to feed guests. Why Artem and Ruslan had a fight viewers will see on November 15.