“Master Chef” season 9 13 issue: who first left the top ten culinary project

13 in episode 9 of season “Master Chef” Amateur cooks will feel the passion, anger and friendship of colleagues. How to change the attitude of the participants after the treacherous actions of Lily, relative to the other chefs and who will not stay afloat in the show – read today’s edition of “Master Chef”

Today, 13 in episode 9 of season culinary project “Master Chief” ten Amateur cooks will face new competition that will tickle their nerves. Because the participants will not only fight each other, but are forced to resist the excitement!

But before the competition begins, Hector Jimenez-Bravo remembered about the participant Artyom, who in the previous 12 edition of the project “Master Chief” for valid reasons, missed two contests, including the battle of black aprons. The judge congratulated the cook welcome back, and noted that the missing Artem will have to work out. To work out the lost party will be wearing a black apron, not yet started the first contest.

Grocery auction project “Master Chief”

So, the three judges of the cooking show “Master Chef” invited participants to decide three captains for future teams. The first raised his hand and volunteered for the captaincy of Peter, he led the team in yellow. Lily became the captain of the red and blue.

In gambling games, such as this culinary auction, and most importantly strategy. But do all teams have one? Let’s find out! Because the products that were waiting for each team on the tables the budget, which they will bid. After the announcement of rates, and in the case of a pass for the lot, the products are not returned to the teams, and burned. Bargaining is necessary, because of the remnants will have to cook dessert and main dish of the competition. This test will pass only those commands that will be able to get soup on the culinary auction and keep strategic thinking.

Hector Jimenez-Bravo, presented to the teams of the first lot, which included forceps, a simple but extremely important cooking pan and a ramekin for filing a dessert. Team red decided to start culinary trades on the project “Master Chef” and put the first bet in the form of a scallop. Yellow not supported a lot, but blue decided to play the game and raised the rate to two potatoes.

The game was on, Amateur Cooks have started a grocery auction and went to war for the soup to cook for the judges of the show “Master Chef.”

Second lot: a set of knives, bone culinary and pestle. Hector said that the lots will not be repeated, so the set of knives in this round is very valuable to teams. The red team is the first bet, as were the winners of the previous lot. 26 positions from the blue… who would kill the bet? 40 for yellow, for red… 43 Hector even called Julia boring, because the girl tried to stop her boyfriend Peter not to resort to such high rates.

In General, lots were six participants in the test had to choose from and all were in equal conditions. Home in this competition, the strategy, and only Lily used and implemented his cunning plan. However, being the richest among the teams resorted to greed, what other Amateur cooks announced her culinary war.

From the judges to cook, participants received one hour and twenty minutes. Course and subject chosen by the team captains.

The blue team cooked pork in an Asian style, and Shu. Red sea bass fillet with sauce Veloute and kimchis with jelly, which the judges refused to taste because of the hair from the beard party, frozen dessert.

Yellow gave the judges the shrimp in the test cataife Hawaiian-style on wooden boards, because they didn’t have plates. And for dessert, tart with grilagem and pear.

Due to invalid system error command red headed Lily lost the first contest and black apron on the verdict of the captain wearing Andrew. The girl claimed that the hair in the dessert was from his beard.

Culinary pyramid

The second competition day 13 release of the season 9 of the culinary project “Master Chief” started from an old and well-known tests on the project.

The participants had five rows with surfaces and with each subsequent stage places for Amateur cooks behind them, became less and less. A competition of speed, because the participant who will present their dish will receive a black apron. And if they will be cook, who had already received a black trophy, the apron wearing previous party.

And cook in this culinary race participants to pork tenderloin to ham, with Bechamel sauce and relishes of mustard seeds and raisins.

Lily from the first stage of the contest broke into the lead and finished the preparations of the dishes first. Not behind the girls and Sergei and Ruslan Shilin. Julia, who since the beginning of the tests were the underdogs caught up with the participants and together with Peter ended the contest with a perfectly prepared dishes.

The loser of the contest was Tom, who got the black apron from Hector Jimenez-Bravo is still in the previous contest week. And according to the rules, an apron have to wear white party, which was the previous one – it was “Anna”.

But black aprons are not over! The judge noted also Sergey and Ruslan Shilin, meals which were numerous bugs. The guys are also wearing black aprons.

The best in this competition was the dish of Alexandra, the girl said the judges of “Master Chef” and gave a useful gift from the sponsor cooking shows.

The test of friendship in the battle of black aprons

The theme of this battle of black – friendships for the project and the ability to make them appreciate and help. The participants in the battle of black waited for the numbered surface in the pavilion “Master Chief”. What will happen next, no one except the judges didn’t know.

The rules tested are: participants who usually watch the trial of black aprons from the balcony today will help to indicate how, and most importantly, what needs to cook Amateur cooks to judges, to surprise them and stay in the show.

Rusik helped “Annushka” Peter Sergei, Lilya – Ruslan Shilin, Alexander Artem and Julia – Andrea.

But who of Amateur cooks lost battle black aprons and left the project a 13-episode 9 season of “Master Chef” will be a surprise!

It appeared to be Andrew.

Next Friday 14 in episode 9 of season “Master Chef” you will see who does not risk, that does not earn, but rather how the participants will cook chained to various objects. Hector Jimenez-Bravo will be headed by the patronage of participants in the away contest.

Watching “Master Chef” season 9 13 online edition soon…