Master Chef season 9 issue 3: who left the show first

Мастер Шеф 9 сезон 3 выпуск: кто покинул шоу первым

Twenty Amateur cooks ready to fight for the main prize of the project of 500 thousand hryvnias and training in culinary school Le Cordon Bleu. The participants of the show “Master Chef” season 9 release 3 waiting for the three competitions in which they have to show the judges the entire project, their willingness to struggle.

Who is in the top twenty of the project “Master Chef” season 3

Last Friday, the whole of Ukraine met with the chief of the project “Master Chef” season 9, and in today’s release was a surprise for everyone. And this surprise was not only for the audience but for the participants of the culinary show. Then the most interesting!

The first day of the Amateur cooks on the project started with the away contest. The judges met them at Andriyivsky descent: Hector Jimenez-Bravo, Yaroslavl, Vladimir and Elizaveta Glinskaya warmly congratulated the participants, and then they expect the intrigue. For the first time in 8 seasons of “Master Chief” two people out of twenty are unable to continue to participate in the project. Family difficulties and working times forced participants to leave the show and return home. The judges took the responsibility on himself and returned to cooking show two members at its discretion. Instead of Sergey and Alena in the kitchen “Master Chief” returned Eleanor Zubenko and Nazar, Vitkovich.

Amateur cooks happily took them to her already formed a team and got acquainted with the amended rules of such a known for previous seasons of the competition.

The first away contest “Master Chef” season 9 issue 3

Elizabeth that we looked fantastic and was chosen for the first field of the competition a bright red suit and black lace shirt, moved to the definition of the two captains. But, to her surprise, were not wanting…

After the surprised words of Lisa: “Seriously?! Not?”. Sergey Denisov raised his hand and headed up the red team, the second one was called Andrew Badenko blue team.

Since it was already the 9th season of the cooking show “Master Chef”, the judges decided not to use standard competitive terms, and instead be a little creative. In classical rules this field contest, participants chose dishes that will cook for guests and residents of Kiev, and later sold them.

But this project could not be so simple and known in advance. The three judges announced new terms: cooks-Amateurs need to come up with fusion food, that is, to combine in one dish two classic traditional dishes. Ukrainian and Japanese, French and others.

Sergey Denisov chose their team of Desantnikov because he has managed to develop its own strategy for victory in this competition. Andrew Badenko without hesitation chose the team members with whom it is easy and comfortable to work in the kitchen.

For making the menu and cooking from Amateur cooks had two hours, and to sell them only an hour.

Work in the kitchen of the “Master Chef” has begun! The participants, divided into teams, loudly and enthusiastically discussed every option that was offered to colleagues. The red team stopped for a snack of French profiteroles stuffed with mincemeat, German sausages with sauerkraut and horseradish and Ukrainian soup with meatballs and dumplings.

Blue team decided to cook chicken Kiev with custom toppings – sweet potato, Japanese have gyoza with cherries and Ukrainian borscht on a Japanese motif.

To add fuel to the fire of the parties decided weather: when the time is almost over, the rain started and the wind picked up. The weather conditions were against Amateur cooks.

Vladimir Yaroslavskiy counting the last minutes and rain continued to fill the kitchen’s “Master Chef.”

Hector Jimenez-Bravo again surprised the participants of the project – due to rain for the first time in all the seasons cooking show decides not to sell cooked food to people. The judge is moving the contest in the pavilion “Master Chief” and evaluate meals will be judges of the project. The participants were shocked by these changes, because with ordinary people to win the contest was much easier, and the judges of the show incorruptible!

Be the first to evaluate cooked meals two teams fell Elizabeth Glinsky. French profiteroles red team stuffed with mincemeat struck the delicate pastry dough and homogeneous structure of the mincemeat.

Hector liked the soup the blue team, which he enthusiastically tried calling it a Japanese miso soup.

The judges determined the winner – the red team, captained by Sergey Denisov, got the first place in the competition. The judges also praised the blue team, but two winners can not be.

The participants of the blue team had a whole night to figure out who was the weakest party and got to wear the captain black apron. On the day of the vote, the blue team a majority of voters voted for Dimitri, whom they call “the Director”, he had eight votes out of ten. Guy was accused of unsanitary, because he hurt his finger in the contest, and his blood was on the kitchen utensils. Apparently, the participants did not think about the fact that none of them are immune in the kitchen “Master Chief”. But with the determination of the second owner of this black apron was more difficult. Equally, the team voted for team captain Kieu and Thuc Anh, which members affectionately call “Anna”. Hector gave the option to the captain, after the draw in the kitchen “Master Chief” can not be.

The team captain showed courage – took on the challenge of the black apron and called his name.

The second contest in the kitchen “Master Chief”

After determining the black aprons Amateur cooks were already waiting for the next culinary competition – a relay race. To start the contest, the judges had to divide the group into two teams. The first captain on the orders of judges was Sergei, whose team won the previous cooking competition. Sergey also had another bonus from the three judges, he can choose the captain and his main rival in a culinary relay race – it was Artem. Sergey admitted in interviews that he considers Artyom a major competitor and rival, and weak parties he never competes, it’s neravnotsenno.

The captains in turn selected the participants in their teams and each of them tried to adhere to its established strategies. Member of the blue team Lily burst into tears because of his team. Hector did not understand the tears of participants and assured that her tears are for the weak. The team must not disappoint the participants! And Lily was sure that the team is losing and it does not work with other participants.

Unflappable Hector explained to the cooks-and fans of the competition rules of the culinary baton and told in detail what is included in each stage of the relay. To prepare the classic French dessert “of Frisia” participants received an hour and a half.

The main judge of the project noted that this exquisite dessert is clearly divided into stages, each of which corresponds to one member of the team. After completing all the processes that are in a specific stage of the contest, the participant must pass the baton to another team member.

Elizaveta Glinskaya closely followed the cooks and the processes they performed. Contest close confectioner, because it is a well-known dessert.

During the struggle in the competition, the participants shouted from the balcony, prompting and hit a teammate, which is downstairs in the kitchen preparing your process. Excessive noise and shouting repeatedly shot down cooks and they spoiled biscuit dough or accidentally spilled cream on the kitchen surface.

And then came the moment of the presentation of the dessert “of Frisia” for the three judges of “Master Chef.” Hector couldn’t help myself, not to make fun of his friend and colleague Vladimir Yaroslavskiy. Who monitors the social networks sports judges, knows he’s watching her figure and is actively engaged in the gym. Vladimir replied with a smile at the ridicule of ector and said “one time after five o’clock in the evening can afford a piece of cake.”

If the presentation both cake was beautiful and kept the form, when cut it was not so rosy and perfect. Biscuit red team was like a sponge and badly cut to pieces, what can be said about the dessert team blue. Their cake was lush and tall, gentle cream Diplomat was moderately sweet and uniform, and the meringue whipped and dense.

The unanimous decision of judges the victory was won by the blue team, whose members after the verdict started friendly teasing Lily party that did not believe in victory.

The red team waited for the verdicts and the choice of black aprons. In the eyes of the captain was noticeable that he is ready to take full responsibility for the defeat on himself. Hector noticed that too and decided to select the participants because of the actions of which the team suffered defeat.

The judge noted that the two participants who prepared the sponge cake, put on black aprons and will fight for the participation in the project. They were Alena and Nazar, who days ago returned to the top twenty show “Master Chef.”

The battle of black aprons

The owners of white aprons hastily went to the balcony of the pavilion, and four black aprons listened to the conditions of competition on the elimination of the project. Going into the kitchen project, the participants saw all the Cutlery, tables and surfaces for cooking and ovens. But the judges knew that this battle will be tough, because it was already the 9th season of “Master Chef” – easy to be.

Allen, Dmitry Nazarov and Andrey was shocked when I found out that they won’t cook in the kitchen “Master Chief”, and their field kitchen is on the street. The participants received from the judges an hour and a half of time to cook and necessities: a knife, a spoon, a tripod with a pot and the building grid. To prepare the participants need easy at first glance, the dish: pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon and fat mesh, spinach, hash Browns and vegetable salsa.

The rest of the kitchenware they need to make themselves out of scrap materials. The hardest thing in this battle was the black girl Alena, which is not adapted to such field conditions.

Manly men chopping wood and burning fire. The time has come to an end. Hector followed closely the work of the participants in the battle of the losers and told the cooks-lovers.

Who will go home the first of twenty 9 season of “Master Chef” and can cook a dish that will judge the judges?

Dishes of the participants impressed the judges. Very tasty was the meal Nazar, who in these difficult field conditions made it flawless! Andrew also got back his white apron.

Dmitry also disappointed the judges with an inedible dish and Hector Jimenez-Bravo has sent the party home.

3 home edition season 9 will go not one member, but two… he Hops also not coped with difficult field conditions, and went home after Dmitry.

The participants were eighteen again and they are ready for new challenges in the kitchen “Master Chief”.

Two of Ruslan’s head, one of them will be fair, and who require a perfectly executed work? Cooking was a spy or a detective – what competition judges prepare for the next edition of the cooking show “Master Chef” – don’t miss next Friday.

Watching “Master Chef” season 9 issue 3 online soon…