“Master Chef” season 9 issue 6: who left the show due to auditor

"Мастер Шеф" 9 сезон 6 выпуск: кто покинул шоу из-за ревизора

6 issue 9 season of “Master Chef” judges awarded the participants with new contests and trials which will test their care, kindness and endurance. Without quarrels and punishments because of the relationship of participants also has not been…

Today at 6 in episode 9 of season “Master Chef” judge a cooking show prepared for the participants a new trial. The first is a test of frugality of cooks-Amateurs. Or rather, waste-free production.

Hector Jimenez-Bravo, Vladimir, Yaroslavl and Liza Glinskaya met pyatnadtsats of cooks-Amateurs in the kitchen project and announced the rules of the first competition. One hour, five minutes on the choice of food in the pantry and free flight with choice of dishes. It seemed at first glance, the conditions of competition are simple enough, but there’s always a “but.”

Hector noted that not all the rules of the game, each chef received a pot, which at the end of the contest will be collected all unused products party: cake, scales with fish and even the remains of cereals and sauces. Those bowls were replaced by trash cans participants, weight which Hector will determine the most economical of the participants of the culinary battle.

As an example, the judge of the project was prepared for the participants a dish of shrimp in the test kataifi with a sauce bisque and mashed peas. Waste of Hector three little bowls with the cake from the peas, the shells from the shrimp and oil for frying.

Prior to the competition Ektor once again stressed home cooks-Amateurs that zero waste is a new trend in modern society and urged to use the full potential of the products.

What did not come up with Amateur cooks, used the skins of potatoes and sweet potatoes and make chips, boiled wastes in the pan and evaporated from the liquid. Maria took a small fish, to milirovanie to less waste. Not all participants were economical, Ruslan “Lolita” openly said that saving it was not for him and got just a mountain of products. Hector also noted party, and pinned him, putting on a large number of products.

At the end of the contest, the Hector weighed all the bowls and determined that most waste was Ruzicka’s “Lolita” 962 grams, Andrew 512 grams and Eleanor in which waste weigh 548 grams. Three chefs-Amateurs wearing black aprons. And the contest is not over, the judges must try dishes of the participants, who have coped with the task.

The judges of “Master Chef” unanimously chose the best dish is the seafood sauce, oysters and mangoes, which were prepared by “Anna”. She received praise from the judges and a gift from the sponsor of the project.

The worst dish was fish, which was prepared by Maria. Her excessive frugality and desire to win by tricks played with the girl a cruel joke. She wore a black apron fourth of 6 in episode 9 season of “Master Chef.”

The auditor for the project “Master Chief”

The second contest also became participants of the project “Master Chief” a big surprise. Cooks-Amateurs met in the kitchen of the project Liza Glinskaya and Vladimir Yaroslavskiy, which caused surprise in the eyes of the cooks. And what has happened to Hector? With shouts and a white glove inspector, the judge slowly walked into the pavilion and began to imitate the popular Ukrainian TV show “Revizor”. Hector even in jest checked for sterility bald head counterpart Vladimir, Yaroslavl and shout “Clear!”.

This jokes for cooks-Amateurs is over. The judges made a rather interesting rules of the second competition and noted that in this battle to win the most attentive participant.

White aprons will prepare the dish, and the members in black aprons are “auditors”. They will control the cooking process, and if you find a mistake, a colleague will call Hector for confirmation. If the judge “Master Chef” will agree with the violation, the chefs switch places, black apron, cooks, and the owner of white apron will look for errors in colleagues to take their place and continue cooking your dish on.

During this competition cooks-Amateurs “passed” their colleagues for the extra devices, improper technique of cooking, bad taste and a violation of hygiene in the kitchen. Ruslan “Lolita” received a caution for an incorrect door products, and Peter with Julia for the extra orange in the dish.

As all participants were preparing the same dish – duck breast with cherry sauce, cheese croquettes and mashed pumpkin and sea buckthorn, so the chances were equal for all on the project. And two hours of the contest not all cooks-Amateurs managed to become “auditors” and change black to white apron.

Love or “Master Chief”, that was chosen by the project participants

Loving couple cooking project for their collective work on the dish has received a severe punishment from Hector, because he had repeatedly made comments to a couple of cooks. The judge gave the Council a couple Peter and Julia, namely to leave their attitude at the door “Master Chief”.

Hector Jimenez-Bravo has not done with offenders one advice and guidance, he instructed Peter dressed in a black apron, and Julia left wearing white. Thereby giving a lesson to a couple of cooks, Julia hinting that Peter was the third time wearing a black apron over a girl.

The mysterious box fight “black”

Losers of the competition were Ruslan “Lolita”, which was not able to remove a black apron, Peter, Tom, Eleanor, Julia and Annushka.

Since morning participants of the battle of “black” was taken from the pavilion “Master Chief” and brought to the village. Them, in a picturesque corner of Ukraine, was already waiting for Vladimir Yaroslavskiy with a strange “helpers” for the battle of the losers. These were: car, blanket, barrel, Soviet refrigerator on wheels, pull cart and Bicycle. The judge explained that each participant of the battle must choose a transport, carrying a card with the name selected. A they had a map marked where you can find products and hours of time for their search. Of the products that participants will receive for the allotted time they need to cook a gourmet dessert restaurant level. Products at the exit were waiting a few kilometres from the starting point and were in the same boxes and is not marked.

Eleanor pulled the blanket Rusik car, Annushka refrigerator, Julia barrel, Artem wheelchair and Peter left the bike. Participants would race through the village looking for the box with the products. As well fragile Annushka with a huge Soviet refrigerator?! The girl gave up and was confused, she asked help from a local boy Sergei, who could not refuse her.

Extracted from then and spent forces products, cooks fans of the project “Master Chief” is back in the pavilion show and continued to battle black aprons. There they were waiting for their colleagues who are rooting for them from the balcony.

Dessert and a half hours of preparation passed quickly for the participants. Arsene decided to make strudel with apples and cinnamon, Peter chose the tart with chocolate ganache and a pear, Rusik was prepared tartlets with orange curd and meringue. Eleanor had a pair of Apple pie, “Anna” baked vegetable cake, and Julia chocolate orange cupcake with a pear and crumble.

Who left the project “Master Chief” in 6 release

No fighting is also not done. After the presentations of their desserts for the judges, the chefs came out for a break before the verdict, and so felt for the fellow in black, that already quarreled.

The three judges of “Master Chef” tasting of each prepared dish are unable to say goodbye to any of the participants in the black apron. All the dishes were well cooked, so none of the participants of the project are not left 6 edition of the cooking show “Master Chef.”

Next Friday in the show the participants will learn all 10 commandments cuisine, “Master Chef” and if any of them are the righteous! Don’t miss the next 7 edition of the cooking show “Master Chef.”

Watching “Master Chef” season 9 5 the release online soon…