“Master Chef” season 9 volume 4: who of the twelve black aprons left the show

"Мастер Шеф" 9 сезон 4 выпуск: кто из двенадцати черных фартуков покинул шоу

Cooks-Amateurs 4 episode 9 season of “Master Chef” with new forces plunged into a new day in the kitchen cooking show. One of the participants will be judges in a new way, and who will disappoint – find out today!

In the fourth edition of the show “Master Chef” participants can expect a new test of culinary talent and a test of teamwork.

The first competition

The judges of “Master Chef” with wide smiles greeted the participants in the kitchen and the first words began to intrigue the Amateur cooks.

So, the first competition, which was waiting for 18 participants, was the team. Before cooks had several tasks before the start of the competition: choose two captains who subsequently had to choose their team. The first captain elected Ruslan Onion, known as the transvestite diva Lolita amber, he chose blue color team. The participants decided not to split hairs and make the battle of the captains Ruslan, therefore, the second captain of the red team chose Ruslan Shilin.

After forming two teams héctor announced the following contest rules and a dish you need to cook under the guidance of the captain. The main dish from the judges was the sea bass with a Mediterranean sauce of mussels, concassé of tomato, and mashed cauliflower and asparagus. In four phases, captains need to choose the two weakest members of their team and send them out on the balcony as a punishment for doing a poor job. At the end of the competition all of the losing team will wear black aprons.

In the first stage of competition the participants have 10 minutes sea bass is cleaned of scale, gut the fish and form two perfect fillets. All the efforts of the participants appreciate the captains, but to participate and help they are only words without any action. The finish will come only the best commanders. The captain of the red team were sent to the balcony of Julia and Marow, and blue team left Eleanor and Andrew.

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The second stage was based on the Mediterranean cooking of the sauce from the mussels, which should be well boiled thoroughly with tomatoes concassé. Flawlessly with this challenge all but the “Annushka” and Natasha of the blue team and Vova and Yulia from red.

The third step was to cook the cauliflower and clean the asparagus. Such a seemingly simple process turned into a real test. At this stage, Amateur cooks was 20 minutes. And the captains have already decided who will say goodbye at this stage of the work, because half of the participants mashed potatoes were liquid. On the balcony was Alexander and Nastya from the blue team and Artem and Masha from the red team

On the crucial fourth stage, two participants from each team. The task was to fry the sea bass and present their dishes, from which Peter and Sergei came into the game winners of four stages.

The judges carefully tasted the dishes of the two teams, and the team red Ectro found in fish as many as three dice. And bone the fish, as you know, this is a complete failure of a dish. The whole red team wearing black aprons and miserably lost to the blue team, headed by Ruslan Luchkov.

The second contest as a chance to remove the black apron

With the following conditions of the contest of cooks is also not so simple. Nine white aprons vs. black nine will compete in solving a mysterious dishes that white aprons choose for yourself. Well… Hector noted that if an outsider can guess the dish cook in the “white” and still cook better than him, they exchange aprons. To act against the winners of the previous contest can also be in groups, but the white apron wearing only one. This strategy is very attractive to Peter, who wants to help her friend Julia, because it is because it serves a whole team dressed up in black color.

During the competition, the participants joked and tried to confuse their opponents, used the extra products and even fighting.

Classic dishes cooks also chose a rather interesting and not easy: Ruslan Luchkov prepared Buyabes, “Anna” chose Ramen with seafood, Alexander was preparing the Paris Brest, and Sergei Risotto with seafood. Following the contest, the judges criticised the dish Sergei, Lilya was a bit soggy your Lasagna because you were playing with any nonsense in the kitchen project, and Ruslan Shilin knocked out of white apron Natasha his pasta with seafood.

For all the seasons project “Master Chief” in the battle of black was not yet twelve aprons that will fight for their place in the culinary show.

Rainy day on “Master Chef”: who left the show

Cooks-Amateurs waiting for the drum of fate turn, and he chose the dish its color and part of the world with which it should be combined. Twelve black aprons with a slight tremor in his hands twisted drum and thanked fortune for help or filled with doubt about their own capabilities.

Ruslan Luchkov, who was a captain and a winner in the first contest, prophesied the orange Profiteroles from Asia, Sergei and Peter was preparing the black Napoleon of Europe. But “Mara” got lucky with the dish, her American Sharlotka green, Lily red Ravioli with hints of Asia. Peter and Sergey decided to simplify your task and to do it together. They have grossly violated the rules by such actions, and Hector had punished the children by giving them the right to choose, who of them will wear a black apron and will stay with him until the next release. Sergey even did not blink and took a black apron, from which he received respect in the eyes of colleagues. Peter Belyi put on the apron and climbed to his liking Julia on the balcony.

Judges tasted and carefully evaluated the meals cooks-lovers, there was also criticism, and praise.

The verdicts of the judges in the balcony rose to 10 participants, including Lily, Nazar, Paul, Mary, Peter, Sergei, in a black apron, Julia, Tom, Dylan, Andrew.

This week the project has left Natalia, Maria “Maru”.

Next Friday 5 edition of the show “Master Chef” are rural gatherings, cooking, Scrabble and new scandals, and a little romance from Julia and Peter.

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