Master Chef the Professionals season 2 4 the issue: who could not resist the alchemy of the judges and left the project

4 release of season 2 of “Master Chef. Professionals” seventeen of the participants of the culinary show will surprise the judges with their knowledge in cooking and to create real action in the kitchen project.

In the first contest 4 release of season 2 of cooking show “Master Chef. Professionals” semnadtsatyy chefs will be the real test of culinary experimentation.

The three judges of the project invited the participants to split up into teams. Nikita Alimov without any hesitation led a team yellow. Also Nikita was Eugene Grebenik and Victor Samardak. Vladislav Mitskevich again joined forces with Vladimir Chakhmakhchyan, in that the tandem guys have repeatedly won in previous contests. However, this time it cooks joined Svetlana Burke. Cooks chose for his team in red aprons.

Edward Canarian and Efim Kravchenko in the purple team, they decided to fight for the victory in the contest just the two of us. Davit Danielyan, Kobylecka Nastya and Yulia zhigulina in team green. Valentin Brichuk, Anatoly Zuberek and Jura Poberegnik purple team.

Each of the six teams under boxes-mysteries expected selected by the judges dish, composed of gluten and lactose. Each team needs to prepare lactose-free and gluten-free analogue of this dish. An hour and a half to prepare the main culinary trend 2020 – healthy items.

In the allotted time, the team should prepare a yellow cake, red honey, purple – pan-cat, blue – cheeseburger, green Napoleon, and the team of white – lasagna.

Hector Jimenez-Bravo, Olga Martynov and Vladimir Yaroslavskiy was delighted with the meals Eduard and Efim, who has prepared pan-cat in coconut cream, with the addition of avocado and crumble on aquababe. Losers of the first competition, 4 edition “Master Chief. Professionals” was the team purple. They failed to cope with cooking cheeseburger and failed. Valentin Brichuk as captain purple, took full responsibility for the team’s defeat on and put on a black apron.

Before the second competition “Master Chef. Professionals” Hector Jimenez-Bravo called Edward Canarana and informed the chef that he was waiting for certain privileges as team captain winner of the last contest. Edward needs to call the seven names, who will be his rivals and lead the other team.

Cook called Vlad Mickiewicz, Vladimir Chakhmakhchyan, Eugene Grebenik, Vlad Ermakov, David Danielyan, Jurassic Poberegnik and Anatoly Superace. The next bonus from the judges for Edik was the number of participants per team – two people. Other teams captains have the right to choose only one cook for me.

For a half hour the professionals have to prepare a dish for the judges with a wow-effect present it, partial cooking to the client. Dish entertainment the participants of the culinary show will present the three judges of “Master Chef. Professionals.”

Edward Canarian chose his assistant of Yefim and Nikita, children made “Lunch Ranger” chicken, carbonated berries and three species of fungi. Vlad Miscavige with Mr. Samardak prepared a paste of matcha in pan-Asiatic style. Vladimir Chakhmakhchyan companions remained Svetlana Burke, the chefs have prepared for the judges of the “Carnot Ala Pernod” – a clipping from the foam of the roots.

Eugene Grebenik played safe and chose for his assistants Cindy Kobylecky, which in one tandem cooked seafood, roasted on stones, capsule, covered with natural suede without synthetic dyes with sauce inside.

David Danielyan worked with Julia Jigulina and they cooked the fish in salt. Jura Poberegnik gave the command of Sasha Tsvigun and showed the judges a real magic – fractal of xanthan and parfait.

Shreds and Valentin Brichuk reacted philosophically to the instructions of the judges and concentrated on the question: who came first, the chicken or the egg?

Vlad Ermakov and Max Wysocki has submitted to the judges of “Master Chef. Professionals,” a set of meats that they cut the injection.

All cooking show commands “Master Chief. Professionals” was amazing and has earned the approval of judges, but Hector Jimenez-Bravo pointed out the two weakest of the team – Sasha Tsvigun and Yury Poberegnik and Shred Superace with Valentine Britcom.

The chefs put on black aprons and four will fight for a place in the culinary project. The main task of the “battle for life” was astrofisica. If simple words, the participants in the battle had to visually deceive the prepared dish for judges. Circle the three judges of “Master Chef. Professionals” with their Christmas toys came from Superjack shreds. Jura Poberegnik took the advice of the balcony and decided to repeat the dish Alexander Abramov – the tomatoes in with the pate.

The young chemist Sasha Tsvigun was prepared stones with a variety of textures and flavors. Valentin Brichuk also combined textures and forms.

One of the participants summarize the strategy and who will leave the cooking show “Master Chef. Professionals” today, we know it now.

Though errors in the dishes were each of the participants of the battle of black aprons, but the weakest in this challenge was – Valentin Brichuk. The guy left the project “Master Chief. Professionals.”

Next Saturday 5 issue 2 season of “Master Chef. Professionals” we will see the real journey of chefs across Europe. I’ll meet you in a week!

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