“Master Chief” 9 season 9 edition: who left the project after the battle of restaurateurs

"Мастер Шеф" 9 сезон 9 выпуск: кто покинул проект после битвы рестораторов

9 issue 9 season of “Master Chef” for cooks-Amateurs will find a fascinating journey into the dream that each of them seeks to bring to life. Is opening your own restaurant. The judges of “Master Chef” will help participants to earn your first capital and will be the first visitors of their establishments. Those who can not cope with the task and to leave the show step away from dreams? You will learn today!

Test Bakusou

9 issue 9 season of “Master Chef” thirteen Amateur cooks will be close to your dream and try to open your own restaurant. But first, participants will test the legendary French cuisine of chef Paul Bocuse.

The three judges of the cooking show “Master Chef” said to the participants that today’s test are interrelated. And from the first competition will depend on how much money future teams will be in the second test. And to earn money, participants need to copy three popular dishes from the legendary Paul Bocuse: Ratatouille, poached egg in red sauce and cocovan (rooster in wine).

Each dish has its price: a perfectly cooked Kosovan judges pay 1500 UAH for the poached egg 1000 hryvnia for Ratatouille 500 hryvnia.

Each participant of the project “Master Chief” built for themselves a personal strategy for the first contest to earn as much money as possible for the construction of the restaurant in the second contest. Each of 13 participants understands that the more he will earn money in the first contest, the more desirable it will be in the next. After all, the purchase of construction materials, decorative elements and other details will be for the money two already formed teams.

Almost all cooks-Amateurs prepared the most expensive dish test – cocovan. However, the Boy cock was burned at the beginning of the test, and the guy decided not to remake the dish and serve to the judges is like it is. One of the participants, who were looking for an easy path to the second contest, preparing the easiest dish – Ratatouille. But for the poached egg took the most daring, though, this dish wasn’t the most expensive, but it is quite insidious. If during the preparation of poached eggs, the yolk will curdle, and cook until tender, and when applying the judges will not flow out when cutting the dish will not be counted no judge. And the money the party receives.

In the first test the largest amount collected Lily, who prepared all three meals, and received the money only for Kosovan and a poached egg. Ratatouille criticized the judges of “Master Chef.” The amount of 2,500 UAH.

“Anna” received for their meals 2 500 UAH. However, the girl only prepared two dishes, and the judges were pleased with their preparation.

As for the other participants of the project “Master Chief”, then Sergei, Anastasia and Maria got for cocovan and Ratatouille for 2 000 UAH. Ruslan, Julia, Alexander and Elya got 1 500 UAH for cocovan and Ratatouille.

The rest of the Amateur cooks have made mistakes in their dishes and received 500 UAH for Ratatouille. By the way Andrew has prepared only one dish, Ratatouille, the judges were not too pleased with this act of man.

The battle of restaurateurs

After receiving the funds, cooks-Amateurs should be divided into two teams, and who will be captains? Hector Jimenez-Bravo is quickly identified by leaders and commanders the following tests. Captains become alpha kulinarka Lily and Annushka, who collected the greatest amount for their meals.

Lily led the blue team, and her team includes: Alexander Shilin Ruslan, Masha, Julia and Andrew. For the red team answered “Anna” who chose these Amateur cooks: Sergei, Rusik, Anastasia, Petra, Karina and Artem. Both teams had the same amount of money – under 9 500 UAH. Amateur cooks not agreeing shared equally, or worked the strategy of one of the captains.

The first step before the opening of the restaurant blue and red teams was the definition of the concept, purchase of building materials and decorative elements. So, the Amateur cooks both teams brought in a large hypermarket, and here they had to buy everything you need to start the repair and design of small boxes of 42 square meters for the restaurant.

The second stage determining the name of the restaurant, its concept and its own menu. Lily and her blue team equipped the restaurant in eco-style and called it “LOKAL_UA”.

“Anna” has chosen the main concept of the restaurant is a combination of two cultures and countries – Vietnam and the Caucasus. This idea of a girl tied to a participant of the project “Master Chef” and her friend on the show Sergey, who has Caucasian roots and is considered one of quite strong and distinguished “Master Chef” season 9.

In the menu the blue team includes starters of chicken pate in profstrojj, tartare river fish and baked eggplant with mint. The main dishes on the menu was rabbit with polenta and duck confit with pumpkin puree. For dessert, the blue team will serve buckwheat honey cake and St. Honore.

The red team did not depart from the concept of the restaurant and will be serving with a Caucasian-Vietnamese notes. Red called his restaurant “Makie”, which means “kiss me”. A snack team will be cooking: seafood with strawberry gel and mousse red under the Caucasus sauce, eggplant salad with tarragon and airy salad. The main course was rack of lamb and Chashushuli tuna and pomegranate. For dessert, the team served the guests of his restaurant Moti with figs and sun mousse with mangom, bananas and pink gel. Also, the red team prepared for its visitors with aromatic water with rose petals.

The three judges of “Master Chef” was invited to built the restaurants with friends and family. By Hector Jimenez-Bravo came to Taras and Oksana Serdyuk, to Elizabeth Glinsky came sister Tatiana Glinsky and Alla Belous. Vladimir Yaroslavskiy invited Lyudmila Butenko and her Grebnevo.


Each team of the project “Master Chief” invested in their menu and prepared meals all their strength, creativity and efforts to impress each of the visitors. But of course, not to lose, because the team of losers in full force wearing black aprons.

And no luck in 9 issue 9 season of “Master Chef” team blue: for they have cast their votes, only two of the invited judges, guests. The seven of us, including judges of “Master Chef” gave their votes to the red team, captained by “Anna”. She received remarkable and outstanding prize from the sponsor of the project “Master Chief”.

The battle of black aprons

Six black aprons ready for the biggest fight of 9 issue 9 season of the cooking show “Master Chef.”

For half an hour the participants of the battle of black needs to prepare a dish of your choice, but there are a few conditions. Cooks-Amateurs will be joined by cables with paralana two, that is going to work in pairs and be the eyes on the nape of his colleagues.


Hector called this the battle of black effective unification, even if the participants have nothing in common, then competition will be something to remember.

Julia was paired with Andrew, Lily, Maria and Ruslan with Alexandra.

Another condition of competition for established couples became product limitations. For example, if one member of a pair chooses to prepare your dishes the duck, his partner can not use this product in your dish.

Lily chose to battle the black dish that she has cooked dozens of times – banosh. Julia also decided not to take the risk, and the third time in 9 season of “Master Chef” was cooking Risotto.

Maria made the judges of “Master Chef” Italian Cannelloni, Andrew duck with spices, Alexandra carp fillet with zucchini flan.

Ruslan Shilin chose to battle black aprons dish from the book of Hector Jimenez-Bravo, chief judge of the project “Master Chief” – squid stuffed with shiitake mushrooms with spicy sauce. The guy clearly overplayed his hand, and his dish was like molecular gastronomy. It was very tiny.

After the presentations of all the dishes from the participants in the battle of black judges raised on the balcony of Andrew. Other participants were asked to remove the aprons, and the balcony to come down.

Who left the show at 9 in episode 9 of season “Master Chef”

Hector explained the remaining 5 participants that none of them struck their own dishes. However, there is one dish with so many errors that they are not considered. This is Maria and her Italian Cannelloni that melted, and try them, the judge refused.

Next Friday, a 10-episode 9 season of “Master Chef” you will experience a true culinary Halloween. Brains, worms, and rot in the kitchen “Master Chief” will be literally everywhere! Also to the cooks-lovers will welcome the real psychics who will tell you interesting details of the life of every participant and require the cooks paranormal flavors! Don’t miss out!

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