Mastercard launches service cash withdrawals at the box office

Mastercard запускает услугу снятия наличных на кассах

Mastercard in partnership with banks PrivatBank, Oschadbank and Raiffeisen Bank Aval launches service “Cash on hand”. As you can tell from the name, the service allows anyone to withdraw cash at retail outlets without having to find an ATM.

August 1, 2020, the service will be available at the cash desks of supermarkets “Silpo”, “fora”, VARUS, and also at filling stations WOG and OKKO. It is reported by the Informant Tech, citing the press service of Mastercard.

Service “Cash on hand” allows cardholders when making purchases with a Mastercard card of any Ukrainian Bank to a convenient and quick access to cash just at the box office outlets – without having to search and use the ATM. To get cash at the checkout point of sale, the buyer only need to pay for the goods by Bank card of any amount and tell the cashier that you wish to withdraw cash. The maximum amount of cash withdrawal per transaction is 500 hryvnia, regardless of the purchase price. After confirmation of the transaction the cashier will issue receipts with the details of the purchase of the goods and cash.

Service “Cash on hand” eliminates the need to withdraw cash “in reserve”, because now it can be done at any time during the purchase where it is convenient. Therefore, the service opens up new possibilities for cardholders and introduces the features available in Bank branches, just on the cash of commercial enterprises. We are grateful to our partners for their support in the development of the service and continue to work hard to make the service withdrawals at the box office in the sales and service network is available to the maximum number of Ukrainians” – said the development Director of Mastercard Commerce in Ukraine, Valery Novikov. The service will soon be available in retail outlets in more than 90 thousand POS-terminals of PrivatBank, Oschadbank and Raiffeisen Bank Aval.