Mastercard will release bitcoin card Wirex

Mastercard выпустит биткоин-карту Wirex

Mastercard on Monday 20 July launched the service Mastercard Accelerate, and provided the status of the membership for Wirex.

In addition, Mastercard has turned to other cryptocurrency companies proposing to engage in partnerships in the framework of the expanded programme of cryptocurrency cards. Writes about this Bitcoin News.

Membership allows London-digital payments, Wirex, to issue payment cards directly to consumers. Customers will be able to buy, store and exchanging of cryptocurrencies and Fiat money.

Raj Dhamodharan (Raj Dhamodharan), Executive Vice President of Mastercard’s digital assets to the blockchain, said that the agreement with Wirex is part of the expanded programme of digital assets of the company to attract a wider audience of cryptocurrency.

“The cryptocurrency market continues to shape our work with Wirex and the wider crypto ecosystem accelerates innovation and provides consumers with greater choice in payment options”,

said Dhamodharan.

Still debit CRYPTOCard Wirex released Visa, competitor Mastercard. The card was published by the German FINTECH-group Wirecard under license of Visa.

However, Wirecard caught in a scandal associated with the disappearance of cash in the amount of $2.1 billion, which had a negative impact on service, including for Wirex, forcing them to seek alternatives.

Pavel Matveev, chief Executive officer and co-founder of Wirex, said main member of Mastercard “is growing interest and adoption of cryptocurrency by the leading bodies and regulators…”

Wirex is regulated On the financial management of the UK and holds a license for the issuance of cards in Europe.

On the website Coinews it was reported that the Director General Binance demonstrated the first use of Binance Card, debit card cryptocurrency, which was announced Binance in April 2020.

The portal Coinews wrote that on 15 July, the Fund developer Stellar (Stellar Development or SDF) announced the official integration of its blockchain ecosystem in the blockchain Samsung’s Blockchain.

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