Masterchef. Professionals: how to choose a bird, to get the “chop meat”

МастерШеф. Профессионалы: как выбрать птицу, чтобы не попасть на «наколотое мясо»

Masterserver told what to pay attention to the market, what part of the carcass is better suited for your meals, and of course how to correctly cook what you bought. In this article we will talk about poultry: chicken, duck Guinea-fowl and other birds.

For me it is important that the chicken was grown under normal conditions. Any cellular limited content is very harmful to the bird. When the hen sees no sunlight, limited in movement – it hurts. Accordingly, she is injected with antibiotics, they remain in the meat and then fall into the human body.

If the bird is in an unnatural environment, she has weak bones, do not produce calcium and other important minerals. In addition, poultry chicken grown for 25 days. For comparison, the household bird grows 50-80 days.

Order chicken cheaper, unscrupulous manufacturers can injectivity the meat with water with a nitrite salt. First, this method increases the implementation period, because nitrite salt is a preservative. Second, heavier mass, and therefore, the buyer will pay for it more. Dishes from poultry are often too salty – not because you added too much salt, because the chicken was already nitrite salt.

How to understand that before you “chop meat”? Not necessarily all the meat from the vacuum packaging of poor quality – no. First, look at the price. The chicken can cost 40 hryvnia. Secondly, feel the meat, and if it has a watery consistency, it is better to abandon the purchase. When the meat is fried, it goes liquid, and the result is a pan full of water.

Soup will be a special kind of breed of chicken. It is called soup, skinny bird with long legs. This means that she was running around the yard, she has strong bone, a dark, like a rooster, and meat. This chicken can be a long time to cook and a delicious rich broth.

For roasting on the fire will fit the chicken or chickens of any breed. The chicken is tasty if marinated it for a long time. Therefore, preferably the day before the picnic to marinate. Roast it simply over very high heat until Golden brown.

My favorite marinade recipe for chicken: coat chicken with olive oil, separately mix salt, pepper, chopped garlic and fresh thyme and already buttered chicken to put spices. So they will stick to the meat and it will marinate evenly.

Now the markets becomes more popular than Guinea fowl. And, in my opinion, this bird turns out the most delicious broth. This bird grows up to 9 months. But they have the most delicious meat that taste a bit like milk veal.

Good broth you get and quail. By the way, the fowl, and the quail and the domestic chicken produces natural antibiotic that improves the immune system of a person. No wonder patients after surgery offer to eat the broth of a cock. This broth need to cook together with the claws and the crest – where the largest concentration of this “natural antibiotic”.

Turkey is considered one of the healthiest dietary types of meat. In Turkey breast has more protein than chicken. Thigh the Turkey is perfectly suitable for barbecue, roasting, stewing, baking. But with the drumstick is more complicated, there is 24 small bones. But from the drumsticks and wings, Turkey will make a beautiful jelly – there’s a lot of collagen. Advise you to pay attention to those who have problems with joints and knees.

Duck , I think the winter bird, because roast duck is a perfect dish for winter. I advise you to find Peking duck breed in the markets it is called “pekinka”. It has a soft oily meat, which does not require a long stewing. If you smear it with salt, pepper, mustard, honey and soy sauce for an hour and a half you will have lovely duck from the oven.

It is now fashionable to do spring salads, spreading on the leaves and the vegetables pink duck breast. Grill it like a steak, leaving the middle pink, and then cut into thin slices.

Offal: chicken, duck liver, hearts, gizzards – all turns out very tasty if fried on high heat. Add salt, pepper, nutmeg, a spoonful of honey, separately fry onions and carrots, too, with a spoon of honey. Combine all together and you have an incredible pate. And if you add a glass of brandy, pate will happen as French Pat.

МастерШеф. Профессионалы: как выбрать птицу, чтобы не попасть на «наколотое мясо»

МастерШеф. Профессионалы: как выбрать птицу, чтобы не попасть на «наколотое мясо»