“Masterchef” season 9 issue 8: who left the project due to lack of intelligence

"МастерШеф" 9 сезон 8 выпуск: кто покинул проект из-за недостатка интеллекта

Tonight at 8 in episode 9 season of the show “Masterchef” with Amateur cooks waiting for the test of friendship, intelligence and super-finalists of “Masterchef. Professionals” Alik Mkrtchyan and Catherine Sand.

Demonstration of friendship on “Master Chef”

8 issue 9 season of “Master Chef” began with a traditional welcome of judges and the small intrigues of Hector Jimenez-Bravo. The judge asked participants to join hands and close your eyes, alerted some Amateur cooks. “Feel the shoulder of a companion feel that you are a unified whole,” said Hector 14 participants of the culinary show.

Vladimir Yaroslavskiy, anchor training Hector told the participants that at the first competition they have to show friendship and only friendship! Otherwise, challenge them to perform. Also Vladimir introduced to Amateur cooks with a dish which they must cook and serve the three judges at the end of the contest. It was fried Dorado with sauce Béarnaise, mashed carrots and turnips, pickled beets.

Amateur cooks project “Master Chief” for a half hour allotted time on the first competition, judges must submit an exact copy of this dish. And that is so tough you might say, but that’s not all, the conditions of competition on the show “Master Chef.” The participants were dispersed on the surfaces and before each stood two boxes of mystery. In the first box on the Amateur cooks were waiting for the handcuffs with the device: knife, spatula, frying pan, tongs, fish, blender, etc. of These devices was 14 as participants. Each of them performs in the kitchen “Master Chef” is the work that dictates to him his device.

In the second boxes were handcuffs, which the participants were put in pairs. Sergey Denisov asked the participants their strategies to successfully overcome the first tests. The scheme was simple, to do everything gradually and alternately.

Each of the Amateur cooks wanted him to do this or that first, so the kitchen’s “Master Chef” was chaos. The allotted time for the test was over, and the judges evaluated the dishes by the participants individually. Hector allocated Ruslan luchkova, better known as the transvestite diva “Lolita,” and noted that his dish was close to the original dish. Ruslan won the title of best chef Amateur competition in the first 8 episode 9 season of “Master Chef” and bright a prize from the sponsor of the project.

But the losers of the first competition of the 8th edition of steel as much as four participants: Andrew, Annushka, Artem and Julia. They have not coped with the task of the judges was unable to take myself in hand and negotiate with colleagues in the kitchen “Master Chief”. All of them received from three judges of “Master Chef” black aprons.

Alik Mkrtchyan and Kate Peskov went back to the kitchen “Master Chief”

The second competition day of the 8th edition of the season 9 of “Master Chef” started with the away contest.

Since morning participants of the project “Master Chief” was taken from the pavilion of the show and taken to the national ethnic Park of Pirogovo, where they met judges of “Master Chef.” Ruslan Luchkov, as the best among his colleagues on the pre-test, became captain of the blue team and chose to contest Sasha, Lili, Sergei, Eleanor, Ruslan and Masha. The red team led by Peter, because among those who remained of the participants, only he and Julia “sexy kitchen” was not in black aprons. So, the red team consisted of loving couple Peter and Julia, Artem, “Annushka”, Andrew and Julia.

As you already understood, the main task for both teams was over 2.5 hours to prepare meals for sale to local and visitors to the Park. But the judges decided to make home cooks-lovers another surprise and asked for the captaincy of the participants of the project “Master Chief. Professionals” – Alik Mkrtchyan and Katja sand. Amateur cooks very happy appearance Alika, can not be said about Catherine.

Hector noted that especially for this competition are professionals, Kate and Alex, developed their own unique menu which will train the participants. To prepare more dishes, and then to sell them and make more money – this is the goal for Amateur cooks and their captains.

God of meat and finalist of “Master Chef. Professionals” Alik Mkrtchyan was preparing with the team, blue for visitors ethnic Park steaks, filet Mignon, wings, BBQ, fried eggplant with spicy sauce, WOK-pasta and tuna salad. For dessert, the blue team cooked a carrot cake.

The Queen of desserts Ekaterina Peskova has offered command red menu Nicoise salad, spicy shrimp sauce, salmon fillet with potatoes and mint, the duck rose with mashed sweet potatoes and carrots. For dessert, the red team was preparing the English pie of Banoffi.

During the preparation of meals for sale, at which the judges took an hour of time, members of the red team could not find a common language with Catherine Sand. Screams, misunderstandings and ignorance of the recipes brought to the Queen of desserts to rabies. But the blue team was a full idyll, Alec cooks kept the parties under control and even tried to teach them something new.

The result of money earned was a great proof of good work and harmony in the team blue, parties with Alec earned 31 525 hryvnia. Team red earned with the sale of their dishes 29 001 hryvnia. Winning blue, but the vote for the weak party is waiting for the red team.

The situation in the red team initially was not easy, because the choice of participants is small – Julia or Peter. Other participants already dressed in black aprons, which they received from previous contests.

The voices of Amateur cooks evenly divided, and the right to choose a black apron went to Peter Kosovo. The guy did not think long, as the knight and a real man put it on himself, and is ready to fight in the battle of black aprons for the right to continue participation in the project “Master Chief”.

Intellectual games in the project “Master Chief”

Hector Jimenez-Bravo prepared for the battle of black for the participants of the project “Master Chief” intellectual game “brain-Bravo”. Lisa Glinsky was responsible for Europe, Jimenez-Bravo Asia, and Vladimir Yaroslavskiy for America. In turn, the participants of the battle of black aprons have chosen what kind of question one of the three regions they want to answer and the correct answer was selected a product on the counter, the value of which depended on the complexity of the issue.

Each participant also received from the judges starter kit products, but it was basic: flour, soy sauce, honey and the like.

Amateur cooks making foods erudition and moved confidently to the end of the game and start cooking.

Julia prepared to battle black aprons dim sum filled with mushrooms and eggplant. Peter rolls of pheasant with carrot puree, Andrew chose a chicken breast with vegetables and cream of chicken. Artem cooked quail stuffed duxelles, and “Anna” cooked frog’s legs in tempura with a sauce of mussels and prawns.

The verdicts of judges were clear and fair. Hector stressed that they cannot tolerate raw meals, particularly at the battle of black aprons. And the dim sum, Julia was raw and not cooked from the same cloth. Artem saved from defeat by the taste of food, in particular delicate duxelles.

Who left the “Master Chef” 8 in episode 9 of the season

8 release of the season 9 of the show “Master Chef” project left Julia.

Next Friday on the project “Master Chief” Amateur cooks open up their restaurants. Which team will win the competition, because the losers are testing six black aprons. What kind of relationship ensued in the project “Master Chief” between Ruslan and Lily look 9 issue 9 season of the show “Master Chef.” Don’t miss out!

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