Mathematicians have figured out the authorship of the famous song of The Beatles

The authorship of the song “In My Life” is finally marked, despite the fact that members of The Beatles themselves don’t remember who wrote the legendary song.

Математики выяснили авторство известной песни The Beatles

“In My Life”, released on the 1965 album “Rubber Soul”, has long stirred the blood of fans of the “Fab four”. But not so much because of their exciting play of melodies, but because of the mystique and uncertainty in the history of well-known songs. In an interview to the same edition of John Lennon and Paul McCartney were awarded the authorship itself, called on the part of colleagues in the group.

An end to a long dispute set mathematics. Using Bayesian network for modeling, the experts found out who actually had a hand in the creation of a masterpiece. To do this, experts have calculated who are of The ex-Beatles often uses certain transpositions of chords. So, as a result of hard work, the authorship of Paul McCartney was zero.

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