Matios acknowledged that Lviv is covered thugs

Матиос признал, что во Львове покрывают погромщиков

In the Lviv Prosecutor’s office know the circumstances of the capture by right-wing radicals of the police arsenals in 2014, but pulled the case out of fear or lack of patriotism.

About it on air of TV channel “ZIK” said the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios, reports the correspondent of “Politnavigator”.

“The Lviv regional Prosecutor’s office reported that it continues to investigate the case of the “night of rage” in Lviv, when in the night from 18 to 19 February 2014 from the regional departments of the police had stolen about 1,200 weapons, 60 thousand of ammunition and so on. Some of them have returned, some not. It was the PM and AKM, and so on. A lot then lost weapons. What about this investigation? Who gave the order to break into government offices, to open arsenals?” – asked the host.

“You want me to be a universal computer which knows the answers to all the questions. What I’m Deputy attorney General, does not mean that I am a computer Collider, in whose head all criminal cases in millions. But respect the fact that it was investigating the Lviv Prosecutor’s office in the United Arab Emirates there is a saying that a normal house can be built in 9 months from beginning to end, because for 9 months out of nothing comes life. But when in five years, “night of rage” in Lviv nobody discussed over a Cup of coffee and nobody knows who did it, then surely it is not true”, – said Matios.

“In Lviv, as in any other city, always know who is who, brother, friend and godfather, but that’s probably due to various circumstances, or fear to call white white and black ink, or in consequence of the absence of appropriate patriotism, which does not meet the requirements of time”, – said the chief military Prosecutor.