Matvienko, Sumy and other stars talked about their favorite places to stay in Ukraine

Матвієнко, Сумська та інші зірки розповіли про улюблені місця для відпочинку в Україні

While the weather is warm, you have to go to relax in nature. In Ukraine many beautiful locations. And what to choose? The advice help the star of show business — for the readers of “Express” they were talking about their favorite vacation spots.

Olga Sumy, actress:

— I have in the first place — the Carpathian mountains. Unique! Always enjoy them. Good rest in Transcarpathia, for example, in the village of shaian. There can be healthier mineral water, as in Svalyava. It is important not only to bask in the sun, but also to improve the body.

You can relax in Odessa, this resort town is actively developing. I recently returned from Odessa guests. Happy! Wonderful water +30, beautiful beaches. You can also relax in Berdyansk. If you’re there, be sure to visit Berdyansk spit, you will not regret! At the time I was vacationing there every summer for fifteen years.

Don’t love the sea and the mountains? Then I recommend the tour of the castles of Ukraine. In particular, I like the Lubart castle in Lutsk.

Yuriy Tkach, comedian:

— And my favorite vacation location is in Ukraine — the village of Orlovschina, 40 kilometers from the Dnieper river. There is a wonderful Samara river with nice sandy beach, and just on the water — pine forest. So, love to swim in the open pine branches, the resin is dripped into the water. Certainly go there.

Even like to rest near Zatoka in the Odessa region. Well, extreme pools in Kiev. They also love to swim, if you can not to go there.

Tonya Matvienko, singer:

For families with children choose Yaremche in the Carpathian mountains. There is magnificent scenery, fresh air. And another huge plus of this location —no mosquitoes!

With Arsene and children this year, rode ATVs in the mountains, visited the place where they make sheep’s cheese. Interesting and informative! Oh, I love colorful food of the Carpathians, and especially wheat. Arsene in the Carpathians is rafting on the Prut. That is extreme, but exciting. And, of course, in Yaremche, we ate a lot of raspberries and blackberries. Recommend!

Sergey DREBOT, winner of the world Cup in judo:

— I with pleasure have a rest in the mountains in the Lviv region, near the village Slavske. There’s good comfortable. My stay is always active. Do not like to lie. Go to the mountains, fish, ride ATVs, bike. Also resting on Shatskikh lakes —and I recommend you, there is also a wonderful nature. Oh and don’t forget the thermal water of Transcarpathia is a useful and comfortable stay.

Anzhelika Rudnytska, singer, TV presenter, public figure:

— This year the short holiday spent in the village of Kryvorivnya, in Ivano-Frankivsk. There’s just fantastic — this place of power, just the same spiritual center. And there is beautiful scenery, incredible people. Also to relax I suggest you go in Transcarpathia, for example, to Kolochava, Mukachevo, Svalyava. You can drink healing water in Morshyn Truskavets or or marvel at the relict forests around White lake in the region. Wish everyone a good end of summer!

Serge Gagarin, radio host, producer:

— I recommend the sea of Azov, especially the great location — the village of Belosarayskaya Spit in Donetsk oblast. This year spent a few days in those parts. Acceptable service for a small fee. And of course the beautiful landscapes!



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