Max Barskih disgraced the party of the Cannes film festival: video

Макс Барских опозорился на вечеринке Каннского кинофестиваля: видео

France continues one of the most prestigious events of the year – the Cannes film festival. A secular event was joined by Ukrainian Maxim Barsky, who is touring in Russia and receives there prize. However, his presence at the party turned into an unexpected curiosity.

While the elite of the party Max Barskih dance with the other stars. However, in the middle of the dance floor he dropped his drink and crashed. The artist noticed it and pretended that nothing had happened. In seconds he walked away from the broken glass and laughingly watched as the party guests clean glass for him.

Video Max Barskih curiosity did not hide and he has published on the official Instagam page. To the roller, the artist has added a comment, which stated the offense.

When you dropped the cocktail in the middle of the dance floor and pretended it wasn’t you,
– written by Max Barskih.

Many netizens exploded with indignation from the video: “that’s Not funny, and it’s not a funny video. Max, you’re a grown man and stand up and laugh at the fact that you cleans the broken glass and spilled booze the other person… All that you wanted to show in this video: you’re a star, you can do everything or that you should stop drinking?”

The participation of max Barskih at Cannes film festival remained in question. Before the trip to France, the artist had an accident in the United States. The singer broke the car, but he was not injured. Despite this managers max Barsky said, if doctors find a brain concussion – the artist will not be able to carry out the flight to Cannes.