Maxim Galkin has built for children in the yard of a large ship

Максим Галкин построил для детей во дворе большой корабль

In the Park surrounding the luxurious castle Pugacheva and Galkin, a large wooden ship.

Before I married Alla Pugacheva Maxim Galkin in the suburban village of Mud built a large, luxurious castle for his future family.

It has everything you need for comfortable living, large living room and dining room, a cozy bedroom for all the household, servants and guests.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin children Concert hall, a cinema and a pool, and observation deck on roof with views over the village and surrounding area. Around the castle you will find a wonderful Park, where recently there was a huge tree. In order to enable children to have fun without leaving the castle, Maxim was equipped in the yard of the Playground, where in addition to houses, a large wooden ship with a mast.

Recently on his page on Instagram Maxim showed how the twins have fun on the walk. Harry and Lisa climbed up on the bow of the ship and staged a contest in archery. The footage shows how a daughter and a son the star couple confidently shoot at a target and it seems even get.

By the way, before Maxim Galkin showed Harry a picture of a family friend Igor Nikolaev. To illustrate the boy made the head a lot of ponytails and glued a mustache.

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