Maxim radugin and Irina Sheyanova was “still waters”

Максим Радугин и Ирина Шеянова оказались «В тихом омуте»

The TV channel “Home” has completed shooting four episodes of the drama “still waters” Director Philip Korshunov. The main role in the film played by Irina Sheyanova and Maxim radugin, the press service of the project.

Through the story of Masha and Dima are all considered the perfect couple. Including the girl herself, because she loved her creative husband and wanted to give him a baby. She was shocked by the sudden statement of the man that he’s tired of the marriage and decided to leave. Thinking that we can still fix this, Mary goes to the spouse to the country to make a surprise, but catches him with his mistress. Close all admire her composure, in addition to colleagues of Oleg (Alexey Matoshin), who knows very well Mary. Watching her, he realizes that coming, something terrible, and decides to save a woman who long ago captured his heart.

“My hero is a confused man. Creative person, artist. At some point he ceased to distinguish between their perception of reality and reality. Such people do not think much about the feelings of others. His love for two women, and he quietly enjoys it, considering that he’s not wrong, but “it happened”. In the end, left with nothing, as often happens in life”, – said Maxim Radugin.

Максим Радугин и Ирина Шеянова оказались «В тихом омуте»