May 28: the ascension of the Lord, signs and prohibitions

28 мая: Вознесение Господне, приметы и запреты

On this day people pray for prosperity and health

On may 28, Orthodox Christians celebrate the ascension of the Lord, which is celebrated on the 40th day after Easter.

The ascension is one of the main Orthodox holidays, which was established in memory of the ascension of Jesus Christ and the warning of his second coming to earth. The people believe that from this day the summer comes into its own.

Holiday traditions

On this day people pray for the well-being and health. It is believed that before his ascension to heaven, Christ will listen to all requests and will fulfill them.

It is also customary to ask forgiveness from all who have offended or who are at loggerheads.

The hostess on this day, they bake a special cake, decorated with bars, or cookies in the form of ladders. It symbolizes the stairway which Jesus ascended to heaven.

On Ascension it is necessary to give alms to the poor – money, clothes or food. This will help keep the peace in your own home.

What not to do

You can not swear, cuss, and think about the bad.

It is forbidden to throw garbage and spit on the ground.

On this day, it is advisable to refrain from heavy physical work.

In the feast of the ascension is also not advisable to hold the wedding and the marriage.

Signs Of Ascension

If the hen has laid the egg the day it needs to be hung under the roof. The egg will protect tenants from harm and unpleasantness of all tenants during the year;

If the ascension of the good weather, it will last until the day of St. Michael;

Rainy day of a holiday signs of disease and crop failure. Luck is particularly relevant for livestock;

If it doesn’t rain on Ascension day, there will be six more weeks, and if the Rapture will rain, it will be six weeks to go;

On Ascension day the good weather to harvest;

To hear the cawing of crows in the day – a good sign.

It is believed that after the ascension it is already possible not to be afraid of changeable spring weather. Serious cold snaps will be gone.