“Maybe my son?”: Borodin can expect the birth of a third child

«Может сыночек?»: Бородина может ожидать рождение третьего ребенка

Again intriguing hints of Borodin’s own pregnancy. At this time the fact was noticed by true fans.

The controversial permanent TV presenter of many “immortal”, apparently, project, Ksenia Borodina boasted the frock from his faithful friend and “illegible designer, according to users.

“The secret secret and secret secret” – so jokingly called the incident that occurred with Borodina and her followers.

Has long been her army of fans noticed the change in appearance of the presenter: swollen face, full cheeks, which surround the pelvis and abdomen that Ksenia hard to hide behind shapeless clothing and filters. But “many millions” of the audience, apparently, not to hide. Especially when Kurban Omarov, husband Borodina, shows pictures of his wife as is, without embellishment, and photoshop.

Some members noticed not only round a stomach, but even estimated the approximate gestational age – 3-4 months. Borodin’s so loving to explain to people in the comments that those are wrong, resisted this time and ignored such statements. Yes, and the Eid al remained silent.

But there are some changes in the behavior Borodina – she occasionally snaps at husband and children, has gone from one extreme to another, as noticed by fans. What can we say about the appetite. He became commensurate, except that her friend and colleague, Daria Pynzar, which puts photos such huge meals that even my husband is sometimes jealous.

Not so long ago, on vacation, the husband of Ksenia said that “all women are the same” (it was addressed to his daughter), as well as a strongly “porochial” their children.

“Maybe still a little boy???”, – touches the root fans Borodina, based on the statements Kurban Omarov.

«Может сыночек?»: Бородина может ожидать рождение третьего ребенка

«Может сыночек?»: Бородина может ожидать рождение третьего ребенка