Mayonnaise kills lice and pensions in thousand euros – the story of the tourists from Melitopol about life in Ireland

Майонез от вшей и пенсия в тысячу евро - рассказ туристки из Мелитополя о жизни в Ирландии

In this country everything is different: here the doctor can write you a coke, but the person who gave place on the bus, offended to the core. Why in Ireland there is no children’s homes, and why some tend to become homeless, as well as why a country treats under the heading “Our overseas” said our countrywoman Anna.

Two of Ireland on one island

You’d be surprised, but Ireland is actually two. One, with its capital Belfast, is part of great Britain called Northern Ireland. Another, with its capital in Dublin – Republic of Ireland, which broke away from the UK. Although both are located on the same island, they are very different. For example, the cars they drive on different sides of the road, somewhere there is a mixer and separate taps for cold and hot water (pure British tradition). But both Ireland unite gloomy weather and a good, though seemingly harsh, the locals.

By the way, many Irish people hate the English because of the fact that Britain has long oppressed the locals. The Irish were forbidden to speak their language and even get an education – it was not until 1948 And to this day many Irish people do not buy anything that made in England.

Don’t give in to the grandmothers place

Anna warns: if you find yourself in Ireland, don’t give way to public transport children, pregnant women and pensioners. Here is a sign of bad taste – considered, if the transport you replaced, so you look really really bad. If someone needs to sit down, he politely asks to give him a place, and it is not considered shameful. Is not considered shameful and continue to sit, if you’re around pregnant women or passengers with children.

In fact, pensioners in Ireland are very happy your age, but don’t talk about it, spend time to travel, play sports and ride bikes. Here are sure that the quality and happy period of life begins in retirement and everyone is looking forward to it.

Ireland is ranked seventh among the countries with the most comfortable conditions for life in retirement. If the citizen worked for the state for 10 years, his pension will be on average a thousand euros.

In winter, the Irish pensioners prefer to move to Malta or Spain. To live in a hotel half Board in a warm country is much cheaper than paying utility bills at home. Flights on low cost and not worth a penny.

Those who do not want to leave the country, having a great time in pubs, become sports fans, singing in the Church choir, doing charity work. In General, in order to have all this happiness, the main thing – to survive until retirement age, which in Ireland comes in 66 years.

Than treat lice

A child in Irish school – a real problem. In good schools parents their children at an early age and, as a rule, to several – so more chances to start training in a timely manner. Sometimes it happens that the child gets to school among year, if one of the children is eliminated. Students foreigners here are easy, a lot of them.

Ireland – a Catholic country, and, if desired, parents can take your favorite child to a religious school. In a normal school, too, have religious lessons, but parents can exempt children from their visit.

Anna admits Irish students very often the case with head lice. Here it is not a shameful disease, but just a feature. In every pharmacy a few shelves dedicated to all kinds of shampoos and sprays against lice. The Irish often prefer the traditional method: smear the head the fatty mayonnaise, wrapped with foil and leave for a few hours and then wash off.

Culinary passions

The Irish Breakfast is very hearty. In addition to traditional bacon and eggs it can be sausage or steak, potato scones, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, beans in tomato sauce, pate, tea or coffee with toast. Toast the Irish from unleavened or, as they call it soda bread.

According to Anna, in Ireland it is difficult to find a cafe or a fast food kiosk, which does not serve the famous Irish fish&chips (fish and chips) – fish, fried in batter, with fries.

Here are preparing the stew, which is nothing like our vegetable, as it is only potatoes, onions and lamb stew. Local chowder soup includes seafood, bacon, vegetables and seasoned with a generous helping of heavy cream. Scones – Irish scones with raisins, nuts and seeds, served with jam or butter.

– If you think you know the taste of real butter, then you have not tried butter in Ireland. It is extraordinary! – with admiration says Anna.

And warns: if you were offered the pudding, we are talking about sausage. White pudding is something like our liverwurst and black pudding reminds. Potatoes in Ireland eat almost more than in Belarus. Judge for yourself: in the XIX century, the island has suffered a terrible famine: a few seasons is not begotten potatoes and starved to death a quarter of the population of the country.

According to Anna, simple and incredibly hearty reflects the complex and cool climate. Probably rich food allows the Irish to walk in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops on his bare feet, when it gets warmer outside to plus 10 degrees.

In the next part, read: why Ireland many people want to be homeless, why pregnant women drink beer. You will also learn about officials-gays and condoms, which were imported by smuggling.

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