Mayor Michael Lysenko said about the fact whether the Dnieper to sorting the garbage

Заммэра Михаил Лысенко рассказал о том, готов ли Днепр к сортировке мусора

May 9, the program 51 channel “Debate. Dnipro”, the Deputy mayor of the Dnieper Mikhail Lysenko and ecoactivist Vyacheslav Gorobets dealt with the question whether it is possible in the river to sort the trash. The mentality of the population, the waste processing plant in the river and can “make money” out of garbage – read the material.

This city is not yet ready

This opinion was expressed by Deputy mayor Mikhail Lysenko.

“Sooner or later we will come to it. This will force to do and the environmental situation in the country and in the world, and economic, I hope the situation too. It is impossible to annually increase the area of a polygon, it is impossible to spend under this land which can be used for much more useful purposes.

But to do this right now today, I do not think it is possible. It is impossible to adopt such a law, and tomorrow morning all residents to sort their garbage. It will not work. It is a lengthy process that requires large financial investments and it is necessary to change the mentality of the inhabitants and their attitude to sorting of municipal solid waste. In addition, it is necessary to consider also the cost of containers for separate waste collection. Need to figure out where she is and how much it costs. Today, I’m sure we have no such opportunities,” – said Mikhail Lysenko.

And the law already requires it to do

This convinced ecoactivist, Secretary of the public ecological Council under Dneprova Vyacheslav Gorobets.

“Separation of waste today is not only a necessity but a legal requirement. Lawmakers in 2006, prepared and amended the law on waste management, and delayed the commissioning for local government for 10 years time to prepare for this. And from 1 January 2018 the law requires to sort all the garbage and prohibits saharinat unsorted waste. In addition, sorting waste will allow to get a lot of positive things,” he responded Vyacheslav Gorobets.

“Here we must distinguish between the separate waste collection and sorting. Sorting municipal solid waste (MSW) prior to disposal in the river will start working from mid-July this year. Already mounted station, which will be engaged in garbage sorting. A separate collection is a completely different issue. About it while to speak prematurely” – said Mikhail Lysenko.

The country already has in the city, where sorting trash

“I want to stay on the positive sorting of garbage. First, it will reduce the burden on the landfills, since most of them will be processed. This, in turn, will reduce the cost of garbage removal for the population. We can eliminate landfills. There are two ways of implementation of the law and transformation of waste into secondary raw materials. The first – sorting of garbage by the population. Second – sort on the basis of KP that exports of MSW from the population, but in this case, the population will be forced to pay for a service to sort your waste. Both approaches have the right to life and, moreover, used in different cities of the country. Incidentally, has 503 villages of Ukraine collecting separately or sorting trash. But it is only 2% of their total number in the country”, – said Vyacheslav Gorobets.

“I’m not sure that sorting will help reduce the number of dumps. For example, the cemetery near the W/m Klochko-6 today complete with the side of the buildings littered with debris. As sorting or separate collection may help to stop such a mess to do? It is necessary to change the mentality of the citizens. Unfortunately, the news program today does not help.

At the moment we are still in negotiations about the construction waste recycling plant with one of the Japanese companies. It will be a public partnership. Last year I was training in Japan for about 2 months. They have everything in this plan is phenomenal. But they said don’t worry about separate waste collection, we also tried – did not work immediately, it took more than 25 years, until our Japanese used to sort and separate the trash.

Therefore, starting with the next academic year, which begins in September, all schools in the city we are starting a program for outreach and teaching children to sort and separate waste collection. There is no other way”, – said Mikhail Lysenko.

How many in the Dnieper official disposal sites and carriers of waste

Annually produced in Ukraine according to official figures from 9 to 11 million tons of waste. Sorted and sent for recycling just over 4%. Every Ukrainian citizen produces 350 kg of waste per year and about 100 kg of this waste can be sent for recycling. In the country 5500 landfills, which is a 9000 ha official landfills, and another 1,200 hectares of illegal dumping.

“Today the city has one polygon right Bank. Official carrier – enterprise “ZHILSERVIS-2”. Also in the city there are 12 private carriers, who take out the garbage on contracts with private companies, condominiums, cooperatives and so on. I want to note that, when we announced a competition for the disposal of solid waste in the city of the Dnieper, came from just two organisations – the enterprise “ZHILSERVIS-2” and KP regional Council already with two garbage trucks. Therefore, when we staged a “garbage war”, and we tried to find the garbage all over the Ukraine, then found them with great difficulty. The required number of garbage trucks in Ukraine just yet. And when I cover the bench with a supply of vehicles with engines of Euro-4 and below, we were forced to purchase trucks only with factory standard Euro-5.

The city has about 80 natural landfills, which is extremely difficult to fight. We connected to this Municipal and Warth, and the patrol police Department of ecology. These dumps are satisfied with the people themselves – especially the dump for construction debris. Separate collection will not work anywhere, as long as the cost of PET bottles will not be 5 cents, and 3 hryvnia. I often travel abroad and see that near a supermarket car stops well over 100 thousand euros price. The driver opens the trunk and takes the bottles into the machine. But, to be clear, the bottle of 0,33 liter costs 30 cents, 10 bottles – 3 euros. People rent. And the cans even more expensive. We already have an agreement with one of the supermarket chains that they will install machines to collect plastic and glass to the man, who passed it into the machine, receives a check, the cost of which is then deducted from the check of purchase. And this should work across the country. Not in some village or town, and everywhere. The only way systematically to solve the problem.

As to what kind of citizen who by night threw his trash to avoid paying for its disposal, to meet the needs of the city administration? Or the police must catch them at night and not street robbers? It is impossible at the click of a finger to get people to sort garbage. But from July no cube unsorted MSW will be taken to the landfill for disposal,” assured Mikhail Lysenko.

Заммэра Михаил Лысенко рассказал о том, готов ли Днепр к сортировке мусора

Заммэра Михаил Лысенко рассказал о том, готов ли Днепр к сортировке мусора

Заммэра Михаил Лысенко рассказал о том, готов ли Днепр к сортировке мусора

Заммэра Михаил Лысенко рассказал о том, готов ли Днепр к сортировке мусора