Mazda may return to the series is a rotary engine in the coming years

Mazda может вернуть в серию роторный мотор уже в ближайшие годы

Here soon is a revival not by the script, which is calculated on the fans.

The firm has published an impressive press release, which is dedicated to separate aspects of the history of the use of the Wankel engine. It begins with the phrase “driving pleasure, lightweight design and rotary motor – three elements of Mazda’s DNA”.

In the description of one of the relatively recent prototype electric version of the small hatch Mazda 2 – the company hid a solid hint of the possibility of returning the iconic motor to the production model.

For Mazda 2 EV rotary engine with a volume of 0.3 l was used as the so-called “range extender” generator of electricity, which increased the cruising range of the electric vehicle. A similar scheme is applied, for example, in one of the modifications of the BMW i3. And on the same principle Mazda can build a new powerplant for the presents last year electrocreaser MX-30.

Sales of electric vehicles should start later this summer, and Mazda plan to equip it with quite modest power plant. The output of the motor will be 145 HP and a maximum travel distance of 200 km, so as to sell it is primarily the inhabitants of the Japanese cities.

However, in the case of deliveries of MX-30 for the export of a small reserve may be blatant drawback of the model, so in the Mazda and stated that they are considering the possibility to implement the crossover Board generator on the basis of the rotary engine. This decision is expected to double the distance that the crossover can travel without recharging.

Meanwhile, the known rotary sports car Mazda remains the coupe RX-7, which the company manufactured from 1978 to 2002. The company during that time managed to sell more than 800 thousand cars.