Mazda Sollers will export engines to Japan

Mazda Sollers будет экспортировать двигатели в Японию

Joint venture begins mass production of engines SkyActiv-G.

JV “Mazda Sollers” has started serial production of engines Mazda SkyActiv-G at the plant in Vladivostok and begins shipping products to Japan for the needs of enterprises Mazda Motor Corporation.

Enterprise for the production of engines is in production and logistic area “Nadezhda”, 32 km from Vladivostok and is able to produce up to 50 thousand engines per year. Here specializiruetsya in the production of gasoline 4-cylinder 2-litre engines Mazda SkyActiv-G, the relevant environmental standard Euro-5. Their maximum power of 150 HP at 6000 rpm, fuel consumption is 6 liters per 100 kilometers.

For several months, was carried out commissioning of the equipment and produced a pilot lot of products jointly by Russian and Japanese engineers. A pilot batch of engines were sent for review to Japan, and some specimens were tested until complete wear. All engines have been successfully tested and found to comply with the stringent quality norms of company Mazda.

Already started mass production, and 100% of produced engines will be exported to Japan for automotive company Mazda.

Thus, the production of Mazda motors in the far East is fully integrated into the global value chain of major international concern. This is a great breakthrough, in terms of recognition of competencies, investment attractiveness and the competitiveness of production sites in the far East, noted in Sollers.

Production line of engines Mazda SkyActiv-G is equipped with advanced technological equipment – robotized stands and unattended trolleys. There is a modern stands dynamic tests, which simulated various load and extreme operation of the engine.

Mazda Sollers будет экспортировать двигатели в Японию