Mazda will make a crossover with rotary engine

Mazda сделает кроссовер с роторным двигателем

Mazda has hinted at the imminent debut of electrocreaser MX-30, is equipped with a single motor. As planned by the Japanese company, the Wankel engine is used as auxiliary generator to recharge the batteries while driving and increase the reserve of electric

Specifics on how a rotary engine will be equipped with electric car MX-30 no: we can assume that “green” crossover gets a 0.3-liter “range extender” consisting of hybrid plants, the XEV that was announced for the electric hatchback Mazda2.

How to change the characteristics of the Mazda MX-30 with rotary “appendage” is difficult to predict: a certain reference point can serve a similar system on the BMW i3, consisting of a 650-CC motorcycle engine – auxiliary engine-generator increases a cruising range of 150 kilometers.

For the “normal” MX-30 declared uncontested 143-horsepower single-engine power plant and traction battery capacity of 35.5 kWh. The electric car can travel 200 miles without recharging, but Mazda explained that deliberately did not equip the crossover with more capacious battery.