McAfee flees the US because of allegations of fraud in the cryptocurrency taxes

МакАфи бежит из США из-за обвинений в мошенничестве с криптовалютными налогами

The candidate in US presidents John McAfee (John McAfee) announced Tuesday that he left the country. He posted the video on Twitter, where he noted that he lives in exile on a ship, as he was charged with the crimes made by the internal revenue Service (IRS).

Former technical activist and expert on Internet security, John McAfee claims to have a problem with the US internal revenue service – IRS. In the video he said that he was charged with “use of crypto-currencies in criminal acts” by officials in Tennessee. McAfee also said that four members of his presidential campaign in 2020 was also charged with “vague allegations of a criminal nature” and his wife.

I haven’t paid taxes for eight years and I have not made any secret of it,

stressed McAfee while on the boat.

McAfee stated that the Grand jury in tn is trying to accuse him and his associates in the tax fraud.

They want to silence me, but I will not allow this. I will carry out his campaign in exile on this ship during the entire time – I won’t let them condemn me to silence, that they will do immediately – Why? I’m dangerous for them. So I lurk. Today, the cryptocurrency community and I – we are at war we on the front

– said McAfee.

A known supporter of the cryptocurrency is known for his overly honest statements and makes almost daily posts about digital currencies. Live McAfee also refers to previous statements on taxation which he made in the first week of January, when they announced their 890 000 Twitter followers that he refused to pay taxes to the government.

The presidential candidate also said that he was a Prime target for the IRS.

I stopped to earn money and live cash of the profits of McAfee Incorporated. My net profit on the downside

– described McAfee.

“Storm” in the social network continued:

I dispute the statements of the Agency, responsible for feeding the madness of our government – the IRS. The IRS will not sit idly by. I know what it is. But I’ve trained my whole life for this battle.

In a video published on January 22, McAfee said that he will continue to work on his ship and he plans to release the video of his campaign every day, while he was in exile. He says that while he was in exile, he cannot be officially charged with tax authorities. In the following Declaration, McAfee once again explained my situation and said:

Today, the IRS convened a Grand jury to accuse the wife, Janice, me, and four unnamed workers campaign for tax fraud.

He again told his supporters that digital currency and coins with high confidentiality will be able to circumvent the authorities.

From time to time there is a collision of old and new cultures caused by the progress of civilization, and the change of technology. Cryptocurrencies are one of such technologies, and perhaps most significant in the history of mankind from the moment of occurrence of fire. Because crypto-currencies free people from the oppression of currency controlled by governments,

The government can’t collect taxes when everyone is using confidential coins.

From his previous tweets and photos on Twitter earlier this week, I think McAfee can go to Venezuela. However, it does not disclose its geographical location and intends to stay on the ship for “two years”.