McDonald’s buys Polish potatoes, but looking for a supplier in Ukraine

McDonald's покупает польский картофель, но ищет поставщика в Украине

For one day visitors of “McDonalds” in Ukraine eat about 17 thousand kg of French fries, but the company ordered the potatoes from a Polish supplier.

In an interview with the joint project “Economic truth” and YouTube channel “ze Interviewer” said the CEO of “McDonald’s” Julia Badrutdinova.

“French fries for the day Ukrainians eat about 160 thousand portions. This despite the fact that we have 90 restaurants could be even more. It is about 17 thousand pounds a day,” said Badretdinova.

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According to her, the Polish production line “fries,” potato provides not only Ukraine, but half of Europe.

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“There (in Poland – sufficient production capacity. McDonald’s is helping to develop suppliers. For example, in Poland the same once invested a lot of money in the plant, some of which only work on “McDonalds”. They have a special sort of potatoes to make “fries” were long, as needed. This plant cope with the needs of half of Europe”, – said the CEO.

Badretdinova also said that now McDonald’s is looking for Ukrainian supplier of potatoes, but not for “free”.