Means skin care products can cause cancer and infertility – scientists

The researchers conducted an analysis of all the results of the experiment and came to the conclusion that even seemingly harmless skincare who should benefit, can lead to serious consequences for the woman’s body.

Средства по уходу за кожей могут стать причиной рака и бесплодия - ученые

Researchers conducted a study of several hundred urine samples of women aged 18 to 44 and found that their kidneys secrete a number of harmful substances above the norm. The researchers checked the tests several times, but the result is not significantly different. This experiment is performed for the first time and he immediately gave a definite answer about cosmetics. The study showed that if even a small amount of parabens and bisphenol A (BPA) manufacturers will add in the means to care for the skin, they can cause cancer and even infertility in women, contributing to hormonal disruptions in the body, and in particular the release of large amounts of estrogen that leads to breast cancer – the most common form of cancer in women.”In everyday life women are exposed to the risk of occurrence of dangerous diseases, even applying cosmetics. We are talking about a variety of health problems ranging from cardiovascular problems, sterility, and cancer,” said Anna Pollack, is a Professor at George Mason University in the United States.Such studies once again urge women to keep track of what they buy from skin funds, because everything that is applied to the skin, even if not ingested, may cause irreparable harm to the body and lead to many diseases. Scientists care about the health of the population and therefore spend a lot of research to uncover all that may adversely affect the health and life of man. However, such components are mostly of artificial origin and are added to manufactured products.

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