Measles attacks: who and what to be vaccinated – 24 Channel

Кір атакує: кому і чим вакцинуватися - 24 Канал

The incidence of measles in Ukraine has become rampant. The most effective method of protection is vaccination. In Ukraine these vaccines enough.

The measles vaccine is part of a combined three-component MMR vaccine (for measles, mumps, rubella). Vaccination with this vaccine under the immunization Calendar of the Ministry of health.

Vaccination against measles is required in the following cases:

The child was 12 months: do not hesitate to routine vaccination PDAs.
A child older than 1 year and you missed the first shot, immediately nadalutti it, turning to your medical facility.
Children 6 years – time to go to routine revaccination of the CCP.
You missed the scheduled revaccination in 6 years. In this case, contact the medical facility, only two doses of the vaccine provide full protection.
The child is 6 years or more and she has no vaccinations PDA. In this case you need to do two vaccinations with an interval of not less than one month.
You don’t remember, did your child vaccinated PDA, and have no documentary evidence. In this case, the baby also should be vaccinated.
Teenagers and adults without a history of measles or received vaccination against measles. Also need vaccination.

To check availability of vaccine in your region, visit the website of MINISTRY of health – information is updated monthly.

We will remind, in the Center of public health Ministry of health of Ukraine reported about 36 455 cases of measles in Ukraine since the beginning of 2018. 22 344 children. Deaths – 15.

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