Measles: how to recognize the first signs of the disease

Корь: как распознать первые признаки заболевания

Amid measles spread rapidly in all regionchina, Ukrainians start to panic and react to any pimples that appear on the body of children. How to recognize the first signs of measles-told children’s infectious diseases, associate Professor of pediatric infectious diseases National medical University Bogomolets, the candidate of medical Sciences Lyudmila Ward in his comments to the publication “Facts”.

She explained that the rash does not appear immediately, and measles in the early days resembles the common cold. A distinctive feature of such a cold – it starts suddenly and sharply.

“The child has a fever, which is sometimes up to 39-40 degrees, you experience a dry cough and sore throat, runny nose, conjunctivitis,” explained Ward.

She noted that during this period, measles doesn’t recognize will not only parents, but also experienced doctors. However, the infectious disease doctor said that there is one characteristic feature that can “hint” that this is the measles.

“Hint” to the infection can typical symptom is photophobia, and lacrimation. Due to the fact that swollen eyelids, the child squints and can not see the light. Another hint – rash on the mucous membranes, resembling scattered semolina (spots Filatov-Koplik). They appear on the buccal mucosa, gums, and sometimes on the genitals,” – said the doctor and added that not all may manifest such symptoms and advised to pay attention to the skin on the 4-5 day of illness.

“But 10-15% of children, this symptom may not be or it is expressed poorly. Therefore, the final diagnosis becomes clear, when on the fourth or fifth day the child appears typical measles rash in the form of nodules (papules) and spots, which gradually increase and coalesce. First the rashes occur behind the ears, on the face and neck, on the second day down on the shoulders and torso, then down to the feet. The baby’s face looks puffy, eyelids puffy, and he looks like he just cried,” concluded Ward.