Measles is rampant in Ukraine

Корь свирепствует в Украине

The measles outbreak in Ukraine is not only not declining, but slowly gaining momentum: since the beginning of 2019 registered daily to 400 cases, reports

According to the statement of Igor Marychev, who is the head of laboratory of the Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases them. V. National Academy of medical Sciences of Ukraine, the rate of morbidity of measles in Ukraine has reached the level of 1963. “If in 2018 daily recorded 50 cases of measles, it is already 18 days 2019 the number of cases in excess of 300-400. The rate of infection in Ukraine is enormous,” said Marychev. Moreover, the disease does not spare anybody, according to, for example, the Ministry of defence of Ukraine, since the beginning of 2019 285 ill soldiers. In military units carried out mass preventive work on the prevention of the epidemic. Doctors believe that the main reason for such a large-scale development of the disease is a large percentage of vaccine refusal in the result of swelling in social networks of false information about serious complications and deaths are the result of vaccinations.

The result was that Ukraine became the undisputed leader in the number of cases in Europe. So, according to who, the number of patients with measles in Europe amounted to 82 thousand people in 2018, of which in Ukraine 53218.