Medals for the Olympic games in 2020 will be manufactured from e-waste: what do we know

Медали для Олимпиады 2020 изготовят из электронного мусора: что об этом известно

In August 2016 the organizers of the Summer Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo stated that they intend to make medals for the winners of the competition from e-waste. In February 2019, it became known that they manage to reach the goal.

Thanks to the active support of companies and ordinary Japanese, managed to collect more than 47 488 tons of e-waste. Among the waste a special place is occupied the phone – they had accumulated more than 5 million. After processing of electronics will pull the metals needed for the production of awards.

The objectives of the Olympic Committee:

2700 pounds of bronze collected in June 2018
30.3 kgs of gold collected 93.7 per cent as of October 2018
4100 pounds of silver collected is 85.4%, as of October 2018

Based on the results of processing and the volume of debris, the organizers are confident that will be able to achieve all tasks.

Collection program materials will end March 31, 2019, for the summer is scheduled presentation of the design of the Olympic and Paralympic medals. About it reports The Verge.

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