Medals for the Olympic games in 2020 will make of used smartphones

Медали для Олимпиады 2020 сделают из использованных смартфонов

Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2020 in Tokyo confirmed its intention to use e-waste for the manufacture of medals for the athletes. With discarded smartphones and those who have passed on disposal, the experts will produce tons of bronze, silver and gold.

On assurances of representatives of the Committee, the public, companies throughout Japan, as well as local and foreign athletes had tremendous support, reports The Verge.

The essence of the initiative. The result of the initiative of the municipal authorities collected about 47 488 tons of e-waste. This includes more than 5 million older phones that users passed in the shops of the local operator NTT DOCOMO.

In addition, post offices and other public institutions were established points of reception of old equipment.

Медали для Олимпиады 2020 сделают из использованных смартфонов

The logos of the Olympics and Paralympics 2020 in Tokyo

How much did you get metal? In June last year, experts produced 2,700 kg of recycled bronze, and as of October 2018, the organizers reported on the extraction of 93.7 per cent of the necessary 30.3 kgs of gold and 85.4% of 4100 kilograms of silver.

The Committee is confident that with stocks already collected, he will receive enough materials to create medals to March 31, 2019.

When will the Olympics? Note, the summer Olympic games 2020 will be held from 24 July 9 August 2020 in Tokyo.

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