Media: after the divorce, all the property will get Gagarina

СМИ: после развода все имущество достанется Гагариной

All acquired property belongs to the singer.

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Polina Gagarina, who is rumored to have left her husband, will retain all acquired over recent years the property. Such an agreement, the actress and her husband signed even before the wedding, write the journalists.

All that bought the popular singer will remain in its ownership. Media it became known that before the wedding with fashion photographer Dmitry Isakov star purchased a spacious apartment in the centre of the capital. The panoramic Windows of her home are directly facing the Kremlin. In this apartment Gagarin lived with her second husband and a son from his first marriage.

In addition to the prestige of housing in Moscow, the actress supposedly owns a large country house. Its construction also began before the life of the celebrity appeared to answer this question. By the way, now she is building another, larger country house.

All these objects are recorded on Gagarin. No property rights have no Iskhakova, journalists found out.

Note that the photographer earns about one hundred times smaller than a pop star. According to Forbes, for 2019 Gagarin earned more than $5 million. Thus, according to conventional calculations, which were made by the journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Iskhakov receives no more than 300 – 400 thousand rubles.per month.

A few days ago in mass-media there were publications about the divorce of the singer Polina.