Media: Alexey Panin was expelled from the funeral of Michael Aksenova

СМИ: Алексея Панина выгнали с похорон Михаила Кокшенова

4 Jun on 84-m to year of life has died actor and Director Michael Kokshenov. Cause of death was complications from a brain hemorrhage. June 7, in the ritual hall of the Mitinsky crematorium held a farewell ceremony with the artist, which was attended by family members of Michael and journalists. But most of the colleagues Aksenova did not dare to attend the funeral of the pandemic coronavirus infection. But at the farewell ceremony was the infamous actor Alexei Panin – with a bouquet of flowers and groom’s arm. Taking the floor in memory of Kokshenova, Panin noted its positive sides, but then lost control and stated that the deceased was incompetent Director. Relatives of the deceased urged Panin to leave the ritual space. Once on the street, Panin has given an interview to several publications, talking about their experiences and work with Aksenovym:

“Mediocrity&33; the Most mediocre Director, with whom I worked, it was Kokshenov. Even Alla Surikova. But, I loved them madly&33; And Alla Surikova wonderful and Kokshenov – great&33; Kokshenov was an artist who worked with great artists like Dahl, as Vysotsky. It is made of wood. Kokshenov, I’m telling you the truth, he can’t above f**s to jump. He was just brilliant in the sense that he is kind and a real human being. Because of this, I love it&33; I his face said this: “Michal Mikhailovich, you are a bad Director&33;”

While Panin denied information about what was the cause of a scandal at a memorial service. According to the actor, it’s overblown by the media lies.

The urn with the ashes of Mikhail Aksenova buried at the Novodevichy cemetery in the family vault Kokshenova. There is buried the mother, grandmother and other relatives of Michael Aksenova.

СМИ: Алексея Панина выгнали с похорон Михаила Кокшенова