Media: Businessman Zhevago, fugitives from justice, trying to freeze the bankruptcy of the plant “Rosava”

СМИ: Бизнесмен Жеваго, скрывающийся от правосудия, пытается заморозить процедуру банкротства завода "Росава"

Businessman Konstantin Zhevago, who is hiding from the Ukrainian justice in London, with the help of judicial decisions is trying to freeze the procedure of bankruptcy of factory “Rosava”, in which Ukraine suffers losses. This is indicated by the number of actions of the courts, which may be involved in the Trustee of the fugitive oligarch. About whether business to avoid bankruptcy of the plant, and who is related to this case – in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

“Speaking of trust persons of the businessman, it, first of all, talking about three of the judges of the Northern economic court of appeal – S. Sotnikova, O. and E. Tsapenko Copytool. After all, these judges 7 April 2020 satisfied the claim of LLC “Premiere” requiring to carry out expertize of value of the property of the bankrupt. According to the law, the latter is included in the powers of a liquidator”, – informs the source.

It should be noted that PJSC “Rosava” was declared bankrupt on 8 January 2019. Economic court of Kyiv region appointed liquidator Svetlana Demina. However, after the decision Sotnikova, Tsapenko and Copytool bankruptcy of the plant was discontinued.

The source reports that “Premiere” is one of creditors of “Rosava”. 21 January Economic court of Kyiv region declared effective requirement of a debt of firms to the plant for the sum more than 290 million UAH. Experts point out that the January court decision was positive despite the fact that the requirements were announced late in the statutory period. As previously wrote, magistrate imposed a moratorium on the repayment of debts to private companies.

Because of the decision of the Northern court of April 7, the state of Ukraine represented by the National Bank, and creditors of the debtor are deprived of the opportunity to collect debts. “UKRINFORM” reported that we are talking about 20 billion hryvnias of a debt. Of them – about 15 billion, the plant owes the Bank “Finance and Credit”, which, according to “Financial club”, under liquidation.

“It is worth noting that despite the bankruptcy procedure of “Rosava” continues to produce products and make a profit. It helps the company “Premiere”, which is the counterparty for the delivery of raw materials and operates the plant under a tolling arrangement contract. It is also worth to note that “Premiere” and “Rosava” is registered at the same address. Service YouControl confirms full match”, – stated in the message.

In 2017, “Premiere” increased net profit by 85.8% to 98,47 million UAH in revenue growth of 17.8% to 3,23 billion. For the first 9 months of this year, “Premiere” received 142,49 million UAH of net profit with net income of 2.22 billion.

In December 2018, the General Director of “Rosava” Alexander Duliba in comments to journalists said that bankruptcy is “part of a plant restructuring, the transition to new, more effective economy.”

“In particular, to have the attitude of a few well-known persons. So, the representative “Premiere” in the courts is the lawyer Tatyana Azarova, wife of albert Ezerovo – judges of the Supreme court of Ukraine. Previously, Ms. Azarova successfully worked in the law Union “Sheverdin and partners.” It is worth noting that in the latter part of LCF law group, managing partner of which is Anna ogrenchuk and her husband Andriy Dovbenko. Last long time was considered an influential figure in the Ministry of justice, due to the wide relations during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, and then Petro Poroshenko. Also Dovbenko is considered close to the environment of the businessman”, – says the source.

СМИ: Бизнесмен Жеваго, скрывающийся от правосудия, пытается заморозить процедуру банкротства завода "Росава"