Media: Ekaterina arharova, filed on Marata Basharova a statement to the police

СМИ: Екатерина Архарова подала на Марата Башарова заявление в полицию

Ex-wife Marat Basharova Catherine Arkharov accused the actor of defamation and wrote a statement to the police. About it reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Recently Marat Basharov told Lera Kudryavtseva on what really beat ex-wives. For such recognition, Internet users have demanded to deprive of Marat the title of honored artist of Tatarstan and the state prize of the Russian Federation. Despite the fact that the actor confessed to the assault, Catherine did not like the way he presented this information. Says Arkharov, much of what Marat said about it, is slander. In this regard, the actress decided to file a police report on the ex-spouse. According to the source, “KP”, is now in full swing proceedings. If the actor is found guilty, he faces up to 240 hours of correctional labor and a fine of 1 million rubles. Parallel investigation of the statement presenter Oksana Pushkina, who publicly asked law enforcement agencies to understand why Marat Basharova is not punished for his crimes. Arkharov explained that Basharov no longer a little boy and should finally be responsible not only for actions but also words.

“Man has already crossed the border. Not somewhere written on the fence “Katya stupid”, and went through the gears and using the media spread about me information, consisting of 90% lies. Well as you can? I have family, small child. Soon the kid will start to understand everything, and Basharov all calm can not. Let now examine the relevant authorities. Not a little boy. Should be responsible for said deed.”

СМИ: Екатерина Архарова подала на Марата Башарова заявление в полицию

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