Media: Gagarin is divorcing her husband because of another man

СМИ: Гагарина разводится с мужем из-за другого мужчины

The chosen star can be a producer, with whom she produced several tracks.

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In the media leaked the rumors that Tommy Lee Jones had an affair with the sound-producer ChinKong, with whom she once worked. Allegedly this was the cause of the breakup with the photographer Dmitry Isakov. color “caught” along with the man in the veranda café. According to rumors, the artist decided to break up with Isakov for the musician, who was captured along with the star. And most recently, Pauline saw a mysterious stranger at the Mall. The man, according to eyewitnesses, nice communicate with the artist, and then hugged her waist. This information disseminated and the media, for example,

It is noted that together with the singer producer managed to create a few songs, including “Sky eyes”. However, Gagarin has not yet made any official announcement about their relationship.

However, Iskhakov already about the breakup with his wife: the man said that no longer lives with his ex-fiancee, but together they continue to care for children. During their marriage they gave birth to daughter MIA.