Media: game with a release date of late April will be delayed due to coronavirus

СМИ: игры с датой релиза позже апреля отложат из-за коронавируса

It seems that the personal quarantine and isolation for pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 only have a positive impact on the gaming industry, but some of the forecasts of journalists indicate that a number of the most important releases of the year can defer indefinitely. According to Kotaku editor Jason Schreier, the problems will start by may.

The reputable industry insider Jason Schreier stated that significant games, the release of which is scheduled for March and April, probably will in time, but the rest, including The Last of Us Part II, already at risk. First of all it is connected with the transition to remote work of other organizations – the studios will be more difficult to obtain the necessary certificates and age ratings, as well as to agree on the production of physical copies of the titles and their delivery to the retailers.

On the question of possible delays in production, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Schreyer replied ambiguously. He believes that everything will depend on the economic situation in the world to the end of the year. The only thing the editor is certain – the huge success of Animal Crossing, which comes out March 20 and is ideal to pass the time at home.

Coronavirus COVID-19 has caused the cancellation of a number of game shows and other events. Including the 2020 E3 organizers decided not to hold the conference this year, the company will try to transfer them online. Him a lot of studios went into a remote, including even the giants like Rockstar Games and CD Projekt RED.

СМИ: игры с датой релиза позже апреля отложат из-за коронавируса