Media: Iran mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian plane

СМИ: Иран по ошибке сбил украинский самолет

The plane got hit a missile system “earth-air” tor-M1, Newsweek reported Pentagon sources.

Iranian anti-aircraft missile system (AAMS) mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian plane, according to US intelligence officials and Iraq. This was announced on Thursday, January 9, Newsweek magazine, citing three sources.

According to media reports, the aircraft MAU lost touch with the Manager a few minutes after takeoff for a short time after Iran launched missiles at the military bases where American and allied forces in neighboring Iraq. It is believed that the plane got hit produced in Russia missile system “earth-air” tor-M1, Newsweek reported three of the sources.

One representative of the Pentagon and a senior U.S. intelligence reported that the Pentagon is that the incident was accidental. The Iranian air defense system could probably act after a rocket attack in the country, said sources.

U.S. Central command declined to comment on the issue.

The incident was first reported by the Iranian semi-official media, which quoted the red Crescent Society of the country that the primary cause of the accident was mechanical failure.

On Wednesday, the network began to spread images of the alleged fragments of the missile tor M-1, which are said to be found in the suburbs South-West of Tehran.

The allegedly taken on the crash site of the Boeing 737-800 MAU, published in Twitter user by the name of Ashkan Monfared.

German newspaper Bild asked him where it came from. His answer: “a Friend sent me this via WhatsApp. He found it today (Wednesday) on the side of the road in front of his apartment building in the town of Paranda. He had no idea what it is.” Later, Twitter removed the account Ashkan Monfared.

Shortly after the publication of an online article appeared two photos of the rest of the rocket 9М330. Their sources also said that the photos were taken in the Paranda.

The Secretary of Security Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov said Thursday that the version of the shoot down of the Ukrainian plane in Tehran with a missile anti-aircraft missile complex “Thor” Russian production is one of those who consider Ukrainian experts sent to Iran.

The author of the material Bild Julian turnip then posted a photo showing the alleged location of the crash are the bulldozers.

“The Iranians are working with bulldozers on the scene of the accident flight number PS752”, – he said.