Media: OSCE, introduced the Russians to the list of observers for the presidential elections in Ukraine

СМИ: ОБСЕ внесла россиян в список наблюдателей на президентских выборах в Украине

The office for democratic institutions and human rights OSCE have been two representatives of the Russian Federation in the list of long-term observers to the presidential elections in Ukraine. About it reports “UKRINFORM”, citing a source in diplomatic circles.

A source said that this decision was made without regard to the categorical position of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine and requests not to accept orders from the Russians.

At the same time, according to him, the OSCE is not regulated, to observe the elections to the representatives of all countries members of the organization.

“In paragraph 8 of the OSCE Copenhagen document stipulates that the invitation of observers from the countries-participants of the organization occurs in the extent permitted by law. Since the legislation of Ukraine Russia recognized as an aggressor and occupier, it is quite logical and legal position of Ukraine on refusal in registration of citizens of the Russian Federation observers”, – quotes “UKRINFORM” your source.

The composition of the OSCE long-term observers included more than 80 people. In the presidential elections in Ukraine will come to about 750 short-term observers.

Political analyst Vadim Karasyov explained that “the Russians do not see the OSCE election, and the OSCE”. He stressed that the personal position of the OSCE mission members is not considered.