Media reported about the preparation of the meeting may, and Putin

СМИ сообщили о подготовки встречи Мэй и Путина

According to the British newspaper the Guardian, the resignation of the Prime Minister and the head of the conservatives, Theresa may will not be an obstacle for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Reports as the probable meeting place media called the summit Big twenty in Japan. If this meeting takes place, it will be the first communication of politicians after poisoning in Salisbury Sergei Skripal. Theresa may left the position of head of government and leader of the Conservative party on 7 June.

Recall that on 4 March 2018 former Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia was poisoned nervously-paralytic substance “Newcomer” in the British Salisbury. According to British police, Skrypali first came into contact with nerve substance in the house – the poison was scattered on the door handle. Unconscious Sergey and Yulia Skrypali were a couple of weeks. Yulia was discharged from the hospital in April 2018, Sergei – in may 2018.

London claims that poisoning Skrobala is Russia, and the perpetrators of the crime were officers of the GRU. All allegations Moscow denies.