Media: Run, Peter, run

СМИ: Беги, Петя, беги

How beautiful in the spring… melancholy howl porkopolis, writes “HORDES”. Shame and humiliation Poroshenko deeply satisfied. So pathetic to lie and steal 5 years, and up – play the comedian. It took your time, Peter A., time in prison. It’s a pity that Julia didn’t Peter A. has not taken off in the first round. But, we already wrote about the fact that the personnel policy Tymoshenko has always been disgusting. Most took Poroshenko in Lviv region? Why? In particular because “Batkivshchyna” in Lviv region was represented by one Tsymbalyuk – notorious ex-COP out of the orbit of Vasily Pisny (“Antibiotic”). Here you trust him, Julia, and he stupidly surrendered. Like all other Abdulina. One consolation that former clowns on your team, like Medvedev Ukolova now well forge the defeat of Peter the great.

However, the defeat of Poroshenko and forges well. Even now, instead of civilized congratulate Zelensky exit in the second round, you stupid animal splutter and yells that Zelensky – the hand of Moscow and the puppet of Kolomoysky. Oh well. Well it’s not Zelensky stole the army. Well it’s not he – “hand Svinarchuk”? And Kolomoisky if forgotten and the Dnieper saved, and dobrobatami helped, and for that, Putin was among the first included in the ranks of the enemies of Russia and the Imprint of the Russian Federation in 2015 has opened a criminal case against him. Not against you Peter. And this is understandable. Because when your “reign” trade turnover with Russia has increased substantially and your personal fortune, according to your own Declaration, only in the last year increased 95 times! There is no one business in the world, except for theft from the state budget, which would bring a profit. And then you wonder that young people voted and will vote for Zelensky and not for you. Seriously? Here is what the youth: “listen to this faerie nonsense Petit, who with shifty eyes genuinely puzzled “for what, young people?” is outland. For “the” bitch you’re affectionate. For “the”. For Saakashvili and Medvedchuk. For Gandzyuk Svinarchuk. For Prokopova and the Lipetsk factory. For Tomos for Muslims, and repair in Sofia to the Greek Catholics. For the military situation and the train Kiev-Moscow. For the “investigation” of the murders on the Maidan and supply of electricity in the “Crimean Federal district” bitch at discount prices.

What do you like the cattle you fat? That you for this – increased food stamp benefits? You and your nits 5 years pressed people, I have half of the ribbon, in the addresses “Hawaii-Munich-Seville”, I have the whole road to Kiev – as the district Fruit-Ago, because in addition to Kiev we can earn only in the Central regions of Lviv and Odessa. You 5 years asked “not to rock the boat” and you listened to creatures, not rock while you ate and ate until bridges the APCS to five times more expensive and three years of your fucking factory closed Raschke? So you’re still dissatisfied, you greedy creature, only the checkbox is not set, instead of the Maidan-3?”

Abruptly, Yes? It’s not as dramatically as the military say on the “front end”. Of which, by the way, more than half voted for Zelensky and not for you. So better you quietly merge. Do not tempt fate by arranging in these last days of provocation. We know that your henchmen, like “Latvian” Kononenko quite capable or attempt to arrange, or even explosions in residential buildings, Ala Putin. But you then just run away in no time. Run, Peter, run until late. Save your carcass. In five years, you then all have spoiled such a genocide was committed, which is not about the presidency you need to think, but about plastic surgery. At least a couple more years I’ll live peacefully. While our reformed intelligence services will not catch up. And say “ostateczne prosavi”.

Sergei Nikonov, “ORD”