Media: Silanteva, the Judge rejects the motions to conduct searches in the gambling establishments of Kharkiv

СМИ: Cудья Силантьева отклоняет все ходатайства о проведении обысков в игральных заведениях Харькова

The head of the Frunze district court of Kharkov Elina Silantyeva rejects all the requests of the investigators on the granting of sanctions to conduct searches in the institutions of the city, according to the online edition of “Open Ukraine” citing a source in the National police of Ukraine.

A source said that “for example, of the 16 applications sent 21 December 2019 in the Frunze district court of Kharkov, the other half just was not accepted by the office on the oral order of the President of the court, and half denied.”

“Despite the fact that on December 21, according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers was recognized as the official working day, rejection of the petitions by the office of the Frunzenski district court was motivated by the fact that they submitted after 12.00. Despite the fact that working day in court ends at 17.30,” said the source.

According to him, “all other motions Elina Silantyeva, which was not supposed on this day to perform the duties of the investigating judge, examined myself, denying law enforcement officers not only in conducting searches but also in the arrest of the playing equipment was seized in the cabin, functioning, in spite of all prohibitions. The reason for the refusal in the latter case, Silantyev pointed out the lack in the submitted application mobile phone of the owner, which, incidentally, was personally present in court. The decision of Elina E. provided the offender a head start in two days time to take out the equipment.”

The source said that “on Monday, December 23, on the investigation of the motion was resubmitted to the court.”

“It is hoped that the actions of the head of the Frunze district court Silantieva will be the focus of NABOO, the RRT and the High Council of justice, and all this, without exaggeration, the absurd, will be the subject of serious discussion in ze-team, which previously promised the country a reboot of the judicial system”, – he stressed.

According to the Kharkiv anti-corruption activists, “his career took off and the place of the President of the court Elina Silantyeva required a romantic relationship with the head of the Kharkiv regional court of appeals from Yanukovych’s team – Andrew Solodkova”.

“Open Ukraine” recalls that on December 20 the Cabinet of Ministers issued a decree “On the prevention of gambling”, and the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov instructed the National police to stop the operation of all gambling in the country up to 16 hours and 20 December 2019.