Media: the Spanish police suspects US intelligence agencies in the attack on the Embassy of the DPRK

СМИ: испанская полиция подозревает спецслужбы США в нападении на посольство КНДР

Spanish police suspect of American intelligence officials in the attack on the Embassy of North Korea in Madrid, according to the publication El Models, citing sources.

February 22, about 10 people entered in the consular premises of the North Korean diplomatic mission and came back with a few computers. At the time of the attack at the Embassy was a few employees, the robbers tied them up and held for several hours, but one of them managed to escape and report the crime to the police.

As specified, the investigators of the Madrid Department of the National police and the National intelligence center, simultaneously investigating the incident, is still not able to validly establish the identity of the attackers. They consider different hypotheses, including the knowledge or involvement of American intelligence. Captured officers said that the attackers spoke in Korean, and therefore could not be citizens of South Korea is a strategic ally of the US. Also the involvement of us intelligence indicates “course of conduct” followed by the attackers: the Spanish counter-intelligence saw in it a coincidence with the actions characteristic of American agents.

Investigators believe the attackers sought information on the work of Kim Hyuk Cole – diplomat, 4 years headed the Embassy after its opening in 2013. It was declared by the Spanish authorities a persona non grata and expelled from the country in September 2017 in response to nuclear tests in North Korea. The representatives claim that the stolen computers robbers are not stored secret information, and contained only information about the consular Department. Official Pyongyang has not commented on the incident.

In addition, the journalists linked with the attack on the Embassy of the unsuccessful outcome of a meeting of leaders of the United States and the DPRK in Hanoi. The incident occurred 5 days before the summit, which ended sooner than expected, and it did not produce any agreements. It also specifies that the meeting in Vietnam, helped organize Kim Hyuk Chol, details of which presumably were looking for the attackers.