Media: We will miss the best in the history of the 2018 world Cup

A bold statement of the President on the best FIFA football world Cup in Russia would be skeptical of perceived and classified as another provocation, not support his statement all the international community.

СМИ: Нам будет не хватать лучшего в истории ЧМ-2018

A negatively perceived the news about the 2018 world Cup in Russia, initially considering the decision wrong, maybe a corrupt. Although the Olympic games in Sochi and previous sports in Russia was well organized and went pretty well and they affected the country’s budget, and will remain forever under the shadow of a doping scandal. However, this championship exceeded all expectations, and forever imprinted in the memory of the public as something amazing.

Despite various political differences, the difficult situation on the world stage, bullying the fans of the horror in Russia and the terrible, hostile Russian football fans “risked the life”, and spent a month in 12 Russian cities, to support their national team. And no wonder, because they waited for the warm, caring reception, and the Russians, nourished the magic spirit of what is happening, proved to be a real, destroying all the wild and terrible stereotypes.

Unexpected and the matches themselves. Fears that the influence of club football, which turned the leading teams in the powerful brands, will deprive the world Cup of importance was dispelled. This championship was magical. Media sad to say that you will miss the best in the history of the world Championship held in Russia.

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