Media: Why Tymoshenko and Lyashko pull to the Parliament of the Crimean separatist Korovchenko

СМИ: Зачем Тимошенко и Ляшко тянут в Раду крымского сепаратиста Коровченко

In Pryluky in the parliamentary elections suddenly surfaced Sergey Korovchenko is one of the most notorious and toxic characters rushing in domestic policy. He became infamous after the annexation of Crimea, when special services zapelengovali telephone conversations curators Putin and Glazyev Zatulin revealed his role in these events. This writes the online edition of Argumentum.

The so-called “film Glazyev” recorded in February 2014, have become important evidence in the trial of Yanukovych provided by the state.

In the conversation of 28 February 2014, after the capture of the “green men” of the building of the Council of Ministers of the ARC, these characters actively discussed the future of the occupation “government” of the Crimea, where he immediately found a warm place to Korovchenko.

Eyes: “Hello, Kostya,… they’ve got the Minister of justice of Crimea, which… was in Mogilev, – Korovchenko Sergey. This is their guy, they characterize well… We need this Korovchenko save. He is the Minister of justice of Crimea, that he remained there… I Have two candidates I… Korovchenko…”

This confirms that Korovchenko long before the annexation was recruited by the Russian Federation, carrying out of the Kremlin legal support of processes of capture of the Peninsula. All the documents coming out of Korovchenko to those who are directly responsible for the undermining of legal stability in the Crimea and the organization of chaos.

After completion of the annexation of Russian curators found Korovchenko another place, desantirovanie it on “the mainland”. It on time “mothballed,” as the secret services. “Reactivated” Korovchenko eve of parliamentary elections by running to graze on district No. 210 in Chernihiv region with the center in Priluki.

Korovchenko has the full support of local bosses Batkivshchyna and the Radical party of Dobele and Averyanova. His appearance in the district, according to observers directly linked to the intensification in the “Fatherland” positions of people associated with the ally of Yanukovych Andriy Portnov, who Korovchenko worked as an assistant consultant.

Today resident Korovchenko aggressive push through the Verkhovna Rada. It is served with sauce “a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist”, which with a bag of money landed on the shore of Uday, to sow the unsuspecting priluca. This resident of the Kremlin wittingly or unwittingly support, it would seem that the Pro-Ukrainian parties of Tymoshenko and Lyashko.

For “Batkivshchyna” and Radical party is – a marker of their state positions. Or are they for the agent Putin, or Ukraine.

СМИ: Зачем Тимошенко и Ляшко тянут в Раду крымского сепаратиста Коровченко

СМИ: Зачем Тимошенко и Ляшко тянут в Раду крымского сепаратиста Коровченко