Medical company Into-Sana made an official statement regarding the participation of the Odessa physicians in the investigation

Медицинская компания Into-Sana выступила с официальным заявлением относительно участия одесских врачей в следственных действиях

The press service of the company Into-Sana issued a statement regarding the participation of the Odessa physicians in investigative activities.

The following is the full text of the statement:

“In connection with the attack, information on the company Into-Sana about the involvement of four of the Odessa physicians in the investigation, reported:

  • Media spread distorted information about the investigation in Odessa, in the company Into-Sana sees acts of unfair competition and will sue to protect its business reputation.
  • Company Into-Sana has been and remains open to cooperation and interested in the speedy objective investigation and finding the truth in order to stop speculation on this topic.
  • The court ruling three doctors Into-Sana are at home and are not welcome. All 10 health centres and the ambulance Into-Sana work as usual.

Over 24 years of work in Odessa and Kiev Into-Sana has become the largest private medical company in Ukraine, employing more than 1400 employees. In the entire history of Into-Sana provided assistance to more than 815 000 patients, which is equivalent to almost the entire population of Odessa. Every day turning for help to an average of 1,500 patients.

Our medical centers, especially emergency hospital Into-Sana in Odessa, always take the most complicated medical cases. We help where others refuse: patients with the combination of several severe diseases, older patients are our oldest successfully-operated patients 103 years old. Their work, the care and professionalism we have earned a reputation of a reliable partner for our patients. We value our relationship with our patients, and always willing to help and work for the best solutions.”